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Eric Chacón presents “Cosmic 305” with original songs

After the great success obtained with the album Mestizo in 2020 together with percussionist Tony Succar, the Venezuelan flautist and saxophonist, Eric Chacón, presents his new solo record production that will be released on May 28 on the main digital platforms and entitled Cosmic 305 .

After dedicating himself to Latin jazz and Latin American, traditional Venezuelan and Caribbean folk music, with this production he turns his career upside down, since it is a proposal based on themes composed by himself, more modern and avant-garde, fusing jazz with elements of funk, R&B, hip-hop and Brazilian music.

His debut album Choroní (2008) is already considered a classic of Venezuelan traditional music, then with Esplendida Noche (2010) he paid tribute to Christmas culture; Later he brought Flautístico (2014) with which he took advantage of all the sounds that the flute offers, while with Wachafita (2017) he showed a marked jazz orientation and also exhibited his skills as a saxophonist.

In 2020, together with the Peruvian percussionist Tony Succar presented Mestizo, to celebrate Latin American music with many festive rhythms, but now with Cosmic 305, he shows that he is not afraid of making even more risky and modern fusions based on flute and saxophone, following the footsteps of his father, the renowned composer Gerardo Chacón.

A generation of young musicians admired and respected by Eric Chacón, based around the world, participate in Cosmic 305: Santiago Bosch, Orestes Gómez, Valeria Falcón, Hilario Bell, Andrés “fofo” Story, Beto Montenegro, Rafael Querales, Freddy Adrián, Juan Diego Villalobos, Carlos Peña, Juan Pablo Romero, Gerald “chipi” Chacón, Joel Martínez, Antonio Serrano, Jhosir Córdova, Marcel Dávila, Eddie Cisneros, Diego Paredes (co-producer and mixing engineer) and Chris Athens (Master's Engineer).

“Cosmic 305 It is an album with which I wanted to pay off a debt that I had with myself and it is to venture as a composer, following in the footsteps of my father, Gerardo Chacón. It was produced by me and by Diego Paredes by the hand of Broccoli Récords, which is the record label of the Rawayana band, to which I belong and who are supporting projects like mine. With this, a window opens that will give an air of freshness to jazz made in Latin America and it is only a prologue of what is wanted to be achieved with this alliance. Musically it is a very different project from my previous albums, only the fact that it is my own music makes it sound different, as well as my approach to hip hop and other genres such as R&B, funk and Brazilian music ”, explained Eric Chacón.

Regarding the participation of the guests, he explains: “I have as guest soloists the maestro from Spain, Antonio Serrano, on harmonica, one of the most important musicians in the jazz scene in Europe, who makes a beautiful solo in Rawabozza, a theme that I dedicate to my brothers from Rawayana. Here, Beto Montenegro also participates with his voice, playing a role different from the one we are accustomed to, but his color is what gives this theme its identity, "he said.

In general, it is an original music album, all the songs were composed by Eric Chacón except Na Gaiola, original by Jhosir Córdova. The greatest contribution is yet to come, because with this project they seek to sow a sound that will grow with the collaboration and addition of other artists of various genres.

He has planned an audiovisual work with the Broccoli Records team to produce some videos, he also wants to do a concert with an audience but having the possibility of being broadcast online for all his fans.

With all the success obtained abroad, the young musician continues to miss his native country: “Venezuela will always be my first option to introduce myself, as soon as the conditions are there and the pandemic passes, I will go not only to promote this project, but I also want Tony Succar to present my previous album, Mestizo. I miss Caracas a lot, my family and friends, as well as the musical environment that I experienced years ago, ”he said.