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The 'M3gan' universe prepares 'Soulm8te'

The new horror installment will hit theaters in 2026 and this time it will try erotic suspense

The horror universe 'M3gan', the doll made with artificial intelligence, will return to theaters in 2026. It will do so with 'Soulm8te', a new installment being developed by American production companies Atomic Monster and Blumhouse.

Both companies will propose 'Soulm8te' as an erotic suspense film centered on a man who acquires an android. The robot with artificial intelligence and a woman's body will come into his life to deal with the loss of his recently deceased wife. The information was confirmed by the American specialized media The Hollywood Reporter and reviewed by EFE.

Kate Dolan, director in 2021 of the thriller 'You are not my mother', will direct this project. Its theatrical debut is expected on January 2, 2026 by Universal.

The film aims to go back to those suspense films of the 1990s, although adding a modern and technological touch. At the moment, more details about the cast are unknown.

'Soulm8te' thus begins the expansion of the horror universe that brings back 'M3gan 2.0', a sequel that will be released on June 27, 2025. The film will star Jenna Davis, who voices the terrifying doll ; Allison Williams and Violet McGraw.

latent memory

It is interesting to imagine the possible parallels that could exist between 'Soulm8te' and the iconic film 'Cherry 2000'. Specifically, because a man enters a female android store looking for a specimen and ends up discovering that he swims like a real woman.

In the scene he is seen struggling and intending to replace the doll he had at home that melts due to a short circuit. In search of a replica, this tormented being will visit the factory to find an exact version. Model that in the end you will have to search for in an android cemetery.

Even though this story has nothing to do with the movie that was inspired by the idea of ​​'M3gan', it does connect in some way. Especially with the possibility of having a woman at home, in the image and likeness of those made of flesh and blood, but who was built with technology.

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