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“El Hato” will have two weekly broadcasts

While one will show the challenges and competitions, the other will delve into the production behind the reality show

With two videos, which exposed sequences of dramas, challenges, locations and protagonists of “El Hato”, Televen revealed details of its next reality show. Adriana Marval, as entertainer, opened the stage and offered details of the weekly special program that, in parallel, will accompany the competition. A wild card, one hour long, which will be broadcast on Sundays.

“It is the first project carried out in our Venezuelan plains. We had not enjoyed production of this level for almost 20 years. An experience was lived for 15 days that marks the resurgence of national production,” Marval said excitedly.

Among other news, the entertainer said that the idea is to put two daily broadcasts on the screen. In one, the adventure and challenges of the reality show will be presented to be overcome weekly by the participants; In the other, the work behind the production will be shown with the technical team and the participants themselves unrolling the language of their experiences, like a confessional.

Titled “The Challenge Behind the Herd,” this linked show stole the spotlight of the evening. Especially because it was as the crow flies that they mentioned some of the characteristics that make “El Hato” the channel's most ambitious project for 2023. Which, by the way, does not yet have a release date. “In October,” they repeated over and over again.

There was no shortage of entertainers

The event also brought together the Tachira actress, model and presenter Mandy Meza so that, together with the Mexican Alex Tienda, in charge of the animation of the reality show, they would drop pearls.

“I gave my best, this was a rewarding experience personally and professionally. I'm happy. “It was hard work,” said Meza.

For his part, his fellow documentary filmmaker said he felt “honored, lucky and grateful for the responsibility and great commitment it represents. More than 100 people behind to show a reality show that, in addition to adrenaline and competition, goes after the essence of the Venezuelan plains and its people. “You will see the transformation of the participants and the learning received.”

With HD quality and meticulous work, judging by the videos, “El Hato” will showcase majestic landscapes and traditions, while its participants eat the green and ripe ones. They were seen crossing a quagmire, fishing on a raft, or trying to avoid being dragged by a calf while trying to catch it. There will be 10 episodes.

“The special program will show what was not seen in the reality show but is important. It will delve into the plains, tradition and culture beyond the challenges. Adriana Marval will be driven,” Tienda said while Marval held a big smile.

Regarding this, the host of “Lo Actual” also commented that for her it is the biggest retro of 2023. “It will be an incredible behind-the-scenes show where I will visit the hostel where the contestants sleep and I will go hand in hand with the team.” production to show what is not seen on screen. Each participant was accompanied by a cameraman and a producer. “They are stories that will allow us to explore the herd from within, stories of the competition.”

According to the video, the reality show was filmed on 5 thousand hectares of competition land on a farm in Guárico. The date will be announced soon.

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