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Filmmaker Benoit Jacquot was charged with raping two actresses

The French director was released under judicial control after paying bail of almost 27 thousand dollars

French filmmaker Benoit Jacquot was indicted on four charges this Wednesday. In all of them he is related to several rapes of the actresses Julia Roy and Isild Le Besco, the latter when he was a minor.

It was an investigating judge who decided to proceed with Jacquot's accusation that the Prosecutor's Office had requested, EFE reported. There were three charges linked to Roy for events that occurred between 2013 and 2018. The other charge is related to Le Besco between 1998 and 2000.

In addition, Jacquot was declared an assisted witness in the investigation of other violations suffered by Le Besco in 2007 and by Roy between 2014 and 2018. This French legal figure means being halfway between freedom from charges and being indicted.

Le Besco had already recounted the bad experience in his autobiography ('Dire vrai'). Despite this, he took legal action against the filmmaker last May. The actress worked with the director in 'Sade' (2000) and 'L'intouchable' (2006), among others.

For now, Jacquot was released under judicial control with bail of almost $27. He was prohibited from contacting victims or witnesses. He will also not be able to carry out activities with minors, nor practice the profession of film director. Much less will he be able to participate in public activities related to the seventh art.


The filmmaker, who has made 52 titles and is the screenwriter of 31 of them, was arrested last Monday. The measure was taken so that he would be interrogated by the Juvenile Brigade. Director Jacques Doillon, who was released on Tuesday “for medical reasons,” was also arrested along with him.

The Prosecutor's Office has to decide how the procedure against Doillon continues.

The investigations against both began following complaints made by another actress, Judith Godrèche, who last February accused Jacquot of having raped her and Doillon of sexual assault.

Then came the complaints and accusations from other performers and Godreche ended up becoming the flagship of French 'MeToo', with an intervention at the César awards ceremony, another before the Senate and finally with the presentation of a short documentary on the subject in the last Cannes Festival.

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