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Diego Luna says goodbye to “Andor” grateful for Star Wars

The second season of the Disney+ series does not yet have a release date

Mexican actor and director Diego Luna assured that the second season of the series “Andor” will surprise Star Wars fans. Additionally, he said that he will give you a new insight into the character of Captain Cassian Andor.

“They are going to see Rogue One with different eyes, in some way it is going to redefine many things that they already saw in the movie,” he said in an interview with EFE. The actor attended the International Film Festival in Guadalajara (western Mexico) that recently concluded, and where he was awarded the silver Mayahuel Award for Mexican cinema.

With this second season, Luna concludes his role as Cassian Andor, a character he brought to life since 2016 with the film Rogue One. The film is part of the Star Wars franchise and originated the “Andor” series due to its popularity among those who follow this saga.

“I never imagined it (success) when they called me to do 'Rogue One' I thought the experience had a beginning and an end and that's how I got into it. Then they called me to do Andor and we had thought about doing a series that would have many more seasons, but we realized that there was no way we could do more than two,” he said.

The actor also explained that the film format in which the Disney+ series is filmed, the production and filming time, combined with the covid-19 pandemic, has caused each season to extend for more than two and a half years. .

Diego Luna assured that the last installment of the series does not have a release date as he is still working on the process of dubbing his character into Spanish, which will take some time.

Return to perform in Mexico

In addition to paying tribute to his 35-year career in theater, film and television, Luna presented the documentary “State of Silence” in Guadalajara. He co-produced it with his production house “La Current del Golfo”, with which he remains linked to various projects in his country.

The director also declared that, after working for several years in Hollywood, he is interested in acting in a Mexican production, although he does not yet have a specific project to do.

“Yes, I am very excited about the idea of ​​working as an actor in Mexico in film, I really want to do that. I have been working for a long time on projects that we developed within 'The Gulf Stream' in which I have been involved as a producer. (…) I really want to work here and I am thinking about the idea,” he declared.

Mexican cinema

The director and producer praised the growth that his country's cinema has had in recent years. Not only because of the quantity and quality of what is produced, but with the diversification of topics and the new voices that tell stories that generate a connection with the public.

“Mexican cinema has diversified a lot, more and more voices are heard that end up complementing each other very beautifully, but very different (from each other) and I appreciate that. There is an interesting connection between the public and the cinema we make. There are more and more forums, there is more and more opportunity for films to find audiences,” said Diego Luna.

Likewise, he added that the films of Mexican directors have responded to the need to talk about issues that concern them and that reflect the diversity of this country.

“More and more young people are telling stories, and there are also other tools that didn't exist before for making films. A cinema that arises more immediately and responds more to the current situation. (…) It is precisely from that wealth and diversity that interesting projects emerge,” he concluded.

Luna will receive a tribute to her career at the festival's closing gala where the winning films in the competing section will also be awarded.

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