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Public Disorder prepares tribute to Fania

The celebration of his 40 years will not go under the table

Public Disorder is less than a year away from celebrating four decades of professional career. And, while they prepare what will be that celebration that will last several months in 2025, they are oiling their musical battery.

Horace White, vocalist and founder of the group, “which I so affectionately call my old band,” said that for that celebration they will have surprises that they are fine-tuning.

One of them will be the release of an EP (album with a few songs). "We started recording a six-song project, called 'Fania All Ska' with the intention of paying homage, in its 60 years, to that soundtrack of our Caribbean life."

Classics from Fania All Star, the most important group in the world of salsa, will be re-released with the group's characteristic sound. “We are in that process and, in the second half of this year, we will launch the first promotional with its video,” he said.

While the moment arrives, they are also closing contracts to play not only in Venezuela but abroad. One of the confirmed dates is next August 18, when Desorden Público will be the band in charge of the after run of the Asfalto, sudor y Música marathon that will take place on August 11 at the Concha Acústica in Maracay.

Regarding what will be the celebration of his 40 years, Blanco announced that “we put everything in the bag there: a retrospective of our career, the classics that they always ask us for and this new one dedicated to Fania All Ska that is great.”

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