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Daniel Sarcos triumphantly returns to Venezuelan television

The television star will soon debut a space tailored to his needs, as detailed

The successful television presenter Daniel Sarcos announced that he is returning to television in the United States, Latin America and, especially, Venezuela.

From the recording studio, the famous artist He stated that he feels very happy about this new challenge, with which he will reach the homes of viewers in several countries.

“I always knew that today was going to be a day full of emotions. Because? Because today begins the path for one of my great dreams, returning to one of my great passions: television and this project will allow me to return to the homes of the United States, return to the places of Latin America but particularly return to the homes Venezuelans,” said Daniel Sarcos.

The opportunity was perfect to announce that "the program will be called 'Sarcastic', because things have to be said as they are and you may be right, even if you are not," he said jokingly.

Los detalles

“Sarcastic” will be a weekly broadcast program, which will be transmitted through the Venevisión Plus signal for the United States and Latin America, and Venevisión for Venezuela.

“Sarcastic” will be “a program tailored to me and will premiere very soon. Under the slogan 'where we know nothing and we give our opinion about everything', it has a team of fantastic professionals who will be doing everything to make this return to television wonderful and for you to enjoy this program as much as we do," concluded the star Venezuelan.

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