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Cynhtia Klitbo: They have said that I have been an alcoholic for a thousand years

Cynhtia Klitbo faced rumors about her alleged alcoholism problem, highlighted People En Español magazine. According to the Mexican actress, these types of comments have haunted her for a long time.

“They have said that I have been an alcoholic for a thousand years, that they caught me in El Torito and another peda (drunk) that I got when my daughter was little. Let them say what they want about me; In any case, my producers are there to tell me when I'm late, when I haven't gone from memory," Klitbo told the media during the presentation of his next television series "La historia de Juana," reported the aforementioned site.

It should be noted that El Torito is the place where people arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol are sent. in Mexico City.

The actress assured that she has never had work problems due to alcohol. “I couldn't have the amount of work I have, for example right now I worked three jobs at the same time. In 'Minas de Passion', I watched both seasons of 'La Lola', I watched two seasons of 'Secretos de Villanas' and the telenovela, Tell me when I'm going to get drunk. ”She added.

“Now, if you see me on the weekend and you chase me around and I get crazy, well. If I like parties, if I have fun; I have every right to do so,” she said.


It should be noted that last March, Cynhtia Kiltbo was involved in an incident with the Mexico City police. Although multiple media reported that she was arrested afterward for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, the interpreter denied that she had been taken to jail.

“No, gentlemen. The breathalyzer people don't give you any respite and I already experienced that once. You can see it in the video. If they let me go, it's for a reason,” he told the cameras of the 'First Hour' program.

The artist, 57, also commented on that day that she was celebrating with a friend and her new boyfriend. “It was my birthday, I have the right to celebrate. I have the right to be a woman as well as to be a mother. It’s not just soap operas,” she noted.

“The Story of Joan”

Aside from all these controversies, Klitbo is ready for the premiere of her new drama: “La historia de Juana”, which premieres on Monday, June 3 on the Las Estrellas channel (Televisa). The production is a new version of the Venezuelan novel “Juana, the virgin”, which Daniela Alvarado and Ricardo Álamo starred in 2002 for RCTV.

This remake, adapted by the original author, the Venezuelan Perla Farías, stars Camila Valero and Brandon Peniche. Klitbo, for her part, plays Josefina Bravo, a woman who has fought to move her family forward.

“She is one of the best characters that life has given me: she is Juana's grandmother. For all those who have doubts, this is not the exact version; She is a version written by the original writer with new characters and changes. My character was an old lady, old lady; and now I even have boyfriends,” Cynhtia Klitbo told the Las Estrellas channel.

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