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Corina Smith celebrated 'sold out' at her concert in Puerto Rico

The singer continues with her world tour of "Triste pero siempre mami tour"

Corina Smith is happy and grateful because her show in Puerto Rico was Sold Out. The Venezuelan singer delighted all of her followers at the concert that is part of her “Triste pero siempre mami tour” which was a full house.

“Puerto Rico: I have no words to express what last night's sold out meant to me,” Smith began writing in a post he shared on Instagram.

“First of all, TPSM was one year after coming out and exactly a year ago I was here in PR, confused, alone, about to release the album,” she added.

After that experience in the Caribbean country, the singer, who has toured cities in the United States and Europe on her world tour, is preparing to continue captivating her fans in Latin America.

“Always mommy”

The interpreter of “Letter to a fan” She confessed that she felt scared and sad, but always mommy.

“I never imagined that a year later I would be spending such an unforgettable night with you. Thank you for coming to see me, thank you for waiting in the heat, thank you for singing so hard, and thank you for letting me be a part of your lives with my music,” she said.

In the shared post she emphasized that she lived the album and that she wrote it with a broken heart after arriving at a hotel alone. “I took out my support, my mini neumann and recorded with tears falling on my laptop. I recorded without thinking about what I was doing, but knowing that it was the only thing that could calm me down because it is what I love and even that was breaking my heart,” she recalled.

Likewise, Corina added that she believes she cried in all the hotels in San Juan. “But I never imagined that today I would be on the other side of this story and with such a great blessing that you are in my life,” she thanked.

“It wasn't necessary”

Smith also recalled that many told him that he would not be able to sell tickets in Puerto Rico, much less sell out.

“Today I woke up with the sight of an island that I love, my second home… knowing that anyone who didn't believe in me didn't need it. I don't know how to explain what it means to look back and want to tell Cori in that lobby of the Hotel San Juan: calm down, everything will be fine,” she asserted.

Corina Smith highlighted that hearing the audience chant “Sad but always mommy” was what she needed.

“Now I feel that no matter what happens I have you and you me. As 'Letter to a fan' says, we understand each other,” she concluded.

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