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Corina Smith announces more dates of her tour in Venezuela

Corina Smith decided to please her Venezuelan fans with new concerts in the country, within the framework of her 'Triste pero siempre mami tour'. The singer from Caracas, 32 years old, has just performed successfully in Spain, with her most recent album.

“Venezuela, surprise in 3…2…1… Are you ready?” wrote the blonde vocalist in her Instagram stories as a prelude to the revelation of the new dates in the country.

The new list of shows by the 'Hotel San Juan' singer highlights performances in Maracay, on June 28; Valencia, the next day; Puerto Ordaz, on July 4; Dairy, two days later; and Maturín, on July 20.

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The cost of tickets for these shows, depending on the location and other benefits such as sharing with the artist, is $25, $40 and $100 (meet & greet). Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmundo.

“Barquisimeto and Maracaibo are waiting,” the artist, who became known as an actress in the second season of the Venezuelan youth series 'Somos tú y yo', added in another of her stories.

Regarding her musical journey through Spain, the artist confessed that she was more than happy with the response she received. “Sad, but in Barcelona. I still can't believe it, I love them. Thank you for the love,” wrote Corina Smith in an Instagram post, where she shared some photos and videos of what she experienced during the show.

Screenshot: Instagram @corinasmith

full schedule

It should be noted that in addition to the Catalan capital, the performer also took her music to the cities of Madrid and Valencia at the beginning of May.

In addition to the dates announced in Venezuela, Smith has confirmed presentations in Puerto Rico, this May 25; June 1 in Bogotá, Colombia; on June 15 in Santiago, Chile; on the 19th of the same month in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and on July 13 in Lima, Peru.


The announcement of new concerts was well received by Corina Smith fans in the confirmed cities, while fans from other countries demonstrated to ask to be included in the 'Triste pero siempre mami tour' journey.

“The TPSM tour is waiting for you in Barquisimeto, love”; “Queen, I am going to grow roots waiting for a date for Maracaibo”; “Closing in Caracas, Cori”; “Please, another concert in Caracas, please”; “When Uruguay”; “Counting the days to see you here in Argentinaaaaa”; “The world loves you.” “Mexico awaits you, bb”; “Fixed Point, when?”; “And Falcon?”; “When in Mexico?” and “Mommy, when are you coming to Brazil?” were some of the comments left on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) about the tour.


It should be noted that 'Triste pero siempre mami', Corina Smith's first full-length album, has become her biggest recording success to date. Released on May 25, 2023, the work narrates the process she went through after a difficult breakup. 'X100', 'Hotel San Juan', 'Triste pero siempre mami', 'La Glock' and 'No me mientas a la cara' are some of the 13 songs that make up the production.

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