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Coquito celebrated the anniversary of its radio program

Coquito is happy and proud for celebrating 11 years on the radio with its program “La candela de Coquito”. The Venezuelan announcer celebrated the interaction that he has had in the radio world.

The entertainer has been the producer and host of the program on “Candela Pura 91.9 FM”, where he has demonstrated his versatility in front of the microphones.

“Monday June 3, 2013. La Candela de Coquito aired for the first time on @candelapurafm. It's already 11 years. It's easy to say,” shared Coquito, whose real name is Wilmer Machado, in a post on Instagram along with a video.

“I was in this same cabin very nervous. Going on the air with a program that was a disaster had it not been for the presence of Ismael Castillo and Juanchi Frito supporting and accompanying me,” he said.

“Really, thanks to the two of them, I was able to take to the air and take the ship to a safe port. Today, 11 years later, this program is something else, I am another announcer, I am another person,” he added gratefully.

“You make this program possible”

Likewise, the actor also wanted to thank the station for being part of his growth in radio.

“I really have to thank 'Candela Pura 91.9 FM' for letting me do radio. To César González for being the person who recruited me to be on the program,” he said.

He also extended his gratitude to the public for tuning in. “For giving me a smile, for giving me a message every morning. I thank you. “You make this program possible and you make every early morning from Monday to Friday worth it,” she noted.

“Thank you for making me useful”

To conclude his message, Coquito highlighted that it is worth waking up early from Monday to Friday.

“Thank you for being the main reason for my awakenings from Monday to Friday. Thank you for being part of your car, your home, your office, your life. Thanks for making me feel useful. “I love you very much too.”

Entertain and educate

Machado hosts the show between 6:00 and 9:00 am, where he talks about various topics of general interest with the aim of entertaining and educating.

Among the topics that the speaker has taken advantage of to highlight is the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day in which he asked for understanding and respect for people with this condition.

Another of the themes that he has shared on his social networks was about happiness as a personal decision. “You can't be upset all the time. You can't be happy all the time either, but you can be happy. You can always be happy,” was one of the things she pointed out in the publication.

Music also resonates in this space, especially on Fridays when “it's Friday and the body knows it” as he says in each of his videos. Hits by Salserín, Celia Cruz, Rubén Blades and the salsa that cannot be missed, among others, have been a starting point when establishing contact with the public.

The acting

The charismatic announcer, as will be remembered, has also managed to stand out in acting. Among his first soap operas is “Kaina”, a work that launched the artist's career.

Then came roles in Venezuelan hits such as “Sol detación”, “Guerra de mujeres”, “Mambo y canela”, “Negra consentida”, among other productions.

As for the television programs that featured his participation, there is “El Show de Coquito” in 2009, “And the rest is luxury” in 2011 and “El negrito de la blancura” in 2012, where he had fun in the streets of Caracas. giving away washing machines.

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