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Cinzia Francischiello does not believe in amulets or rituals

The Venezuelan Cinzia Francischiello decided to respond to all those who want to see her pregnant soon. In a recent question session on social networks, the former host of the Televen program 'Lo Current' also highlighted that she does not care about amulets or rituals to seek protection or call luck.

“You would look very pretty like that (pregnant emoji),” was one of the many messages that the communicator, who also decided to leave the country and settle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her husband, said she had received during the dynamic on Instagram. footballer boyfriend

“The number of questions of this type is... (exploding head emoji),” the model noted in her stories. “Yes, I would look pretty… but I also look pretty like this. Living, enjoying the present and each stage,” said Francischiello about a photo in which she is shown in a bikini and in profile to highlight her flat abdomen.

the red bracelet

But that was not the only personal topic that the entertainer touched on in the activity, held last July 4. After being asked if the red bracelet she wears is “protection,” she made it clear that she does not believe in that type of superstition.

“My red bracelet is a red bracelet that has a Cinzia 'C' charm and it's red because I like that color, because I don't know, like black doesn't look pretty, neither does white; black looks like you have a tail and I don't like another color. I love how the color looks with the gold that I always have in my accessories,” he noted.

“Without disrespect, believing that a piece of rope protects you is like saying to someone above you 'you're nobody' or 'look, since you can't protect me, I'm going to put on a bracelet so that I can protect myself.' protect'. I do not believe in absolutely anything about protection, when you are connected with the one above and you believe that the one above is the truly all-powerful one, you are not doing tarot, nor chucu chucu, nor are you putting two knives to stop it from raining, nor nothing like that. It does not exist,” he noted.

“Either you believe in one or the other”

And he added: “I think that believing in God and believing in the cards, for example, believing in God and protections, or believing in God and believing in rituals to attract money, or rituals to attract joy… Or do you believe in one or you believe in another. You cannot believe in both, because believing in God is precisely believing in how great, how absolutely almighty (which He is) and that there is no greater or more powerful force in the world. So, if there is no force greater than God, how is it possible that a little rope is going to protect you. "That doesn't fit in my head."

Moving on to the professional part, Cinzia Francischiello also answered a question about what is most difficult for her when working in a media outlet, she expressed that as in any type of job, in the media there are pressures, egos and different personalities.

“For me, what was most difficult for me was to recognize that everyone is as they are, not to expect the other person to behave or act as you would. Companies have their own ways of working, their principles/methods, and the one that has to adapt, unfortunately, is one, the company is not going to change for you or for anyone,” he stated.

Screenshot: Instagram @cinziafd

This year

The artist also clarified in the session that she is unconditional la Vinotinto. “I will never go above my country for anything,” he said when asked if he supports Argentina or Venezuela in soccer, because he now lives in the southern country.

And precisely about his country he highlighted that he hopes to visit it soon: “This year yes or yes. I haven't decided on the month yet, probably October."

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