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Christian Nodal and Cazzu announced their separation

Christian Nodal and Cazzu announced their separation. The regional Mexican singer issued a statement in which he reported his separation from his daughter's mother and asked for respect during these difficult moments.

Although there were rumors about a possible separation, Nodal surprised by revealing that he and Julieta Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, decided to go their separate ways and end their romantic relationship after almost two years, Telemundo highlighted.

“The time has come to share that Julieta and I are going our separate ways. Our love and respect for each other remains strong, especially in our role as parents to our daughter, Inti,” Belinda's ex wrote in one of his Instagram stories.

“I am deeply grateful for the moments we shared and I will always carry those memories fondly. “I appreciate your support and understanding during this time of change,” she added.

“It happens in real life”

Likewise, the Argentine singer used her social networks to confirm the news that she no longer has a relationship with the interpreter of “Of the kisses I gave you”.

“Artists are a screen for what happens in real life. You go through love, heartbreak, successes and mistakes with us. Today, as many times it was and as there are still many, they accompany us, some with hatred and others with a lot of love. Thank you, everything is healthy,” she noted.

Nodal and Cazzu did not offer details of the causes of the breakup or since when they ended the relationship.

Rumors on social networks gained strength when Christian Nodal did not publicly congratulate Cazzu on Mother's Day. Furthermore, on May 13, the singer deleted all the photographs he had with the singer from his Instagram.

Love story

The regional singer and the rapper met in 2022, in that same year they were seen for the first time walking hand in hand through the streets of Guatemala.

It was not until August of that same year that the Argentine confirmed her relationship with the Mexican at the 2022 Gardel Awards: "Good, happy... the truth is that in love," she told the media, Glamor highlighted.

Given the pregnancy rumors, in April 2023 Cazzu revealed that she was expecting a baby in the middle of a concert in Buenos Aires, when she revealed her belly.

Inti, the baby of both celebrities, was born on September 14, 2023 and the three started a family in Argentina, until now the separation is confirmed.

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