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Christian Nodal reacted to criticism for his new relationship

Christian Nodal broke the silence about his relationship with Ángela Aguilar, finally confirmed after weeks of rumors, highlighted People En Español magazine. The Mexican singer also clarified that there was no infidelity to Cazzu.

The interpreter of "Goodbye Love" He announced weeks ago the breakup of his relationship with the Argentine singer Cazzu, after almost two years together and a daughter. The news of his romance with the vocalist also immediately earned him criticism on social media.

“I know that many today officially found out that Angela and I have a relationship. And since they hardly like gossip or making up stories, out of respect for my ex-partner, out of respect for my daughter and out of respect for my current partner, I wanted to go out and give them a little context,” Nodal said on Monday (June 10). ) in a video on Instagram.

 “Julieta (Cazzu) is a person that I love and who has my respect for life. We are public figures, we are artists, but we are not shielded from life. Love doesn't always work. “Our cycle together ended in the best possible way,” she added.

In the post, the vocalist highlighted that the most important thing in his life was born from that relationship and that that is not going to change. “It was a love that gave us the most precious gift that could have come to us in life, the most beautiful thing we could have done together, which is Inti, my daughter, who I will always love, I will always care for,” said.

As you may remember, Christian Nodal and Cazzu became a couple just six months after he ended his high-profile relationship with the singer Belinda, a romance that began in 2021.

“Infidelity never happened”

Likewise, he clarified that in the relationship with his daughter's mother there was no infidelity on either side. “In that relationship there were never any third parties, infidelity never happened, sometimes love just doesn't work,” he said, referring to the rumors that are circulating that the relationship with Ángela Aguilar began when he was still with the southern woman.

Finally, the regional Mexican artist highlighted how happy and in love he is with Aguilar. “Now I find myself living a beautiful experience with a woman I love, with a love that took so many years for what is happening to happen, and we are enjoying it.”

And he added: “I want to thank all the people who put themselves forward.” happy (sic) for me, for what is happening to me. I am enjoying you in a show, enjoying my career, enjoying life, my part as a father, my part as a couple today. Thank you very much to the people who understand it, and I love you very much. Thank you very much for so much,” he thanked.

Separate paths

It was last May when Christian Nodal and Cazzu announced the end of their love story on their respective social networks.

“The time has come to share that Julieta and I are going our separate ways. Our love and respect for each other remains strong, especially in our role as parents to our daughter, Inti. I am deeply grateful for the moments we shared and will always carry those memories fondly. "I appreciate your support and understanding during this time of change," Nodal's statement said.

For his part, Cazzu spoke about his separation with the vocalist without mentioning his name. “Artists are a screen for what happens in real life. You go through love, heartbreak, successes and mistakes with us,” she wrote in X.

And he added: “Today, as it was many times, and as there are still others, many accompany us, some with hatred and others with a lot of love. Thank you, everything heals.”

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