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Chris Pratt connected with fatherhood by voicing “Garfield”

The Hollywood actor said he enjoys playing characters that his children can love.

Playing the animated character of “Garfield” in the new movie about the pampered cat left actor Chris Pratt with great lessons about fatherhood.

“Being a father is a factor that influences everything I do in my life, professional and personal. Knowing that I am playing roles that can connect with my children is definitely a contributing factor,” the 44-year-old actor told EFE.

Pratt voiced the lasagna-loving orange cat in the original version of the new Sony Pictures film.

But his career as a voice actor in children's films has been part of the career of the protagonist of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He was recently heard in the blockbuster “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” in which he brought the video game character Mario to life.

The new version of “The Garfield Movie” explores the origins of the character from the 1970s. Likewise, it delves into a topic that had not had great development in other film or television program formats by reuniting Garfield with his father in an unusual way.

“Everyone knows Garfield, everyone knows Odie and Jon, but the film takes those characters familiar to people and puts them in an action movie, heists and with a lot of pace,” explains the actor.

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The film directed by Mark Dindal, responsible for films such as “The Emperor's New Groove” or “Chicken Little”, shows what Garfield's first days of life were like. Also how he came into the hands of his owner, Jon. The lazy cat is discovered who loves to watch television and eat all kinds of culinary delights.

However, the friendly feline's world will become complicated when he is kidnapped by a cat mafia. From there, he will have to work as a team with his father Vic, played by Samuel L. Jackson, whom he has not seen in years. All to be able to return to his comfortable life.

Garfield will also have to learn how “hard” life is, through his father's teachings and situations that will put him on the brink of death.

Like father…

“I identified because although I was not a spoiled child, now that I am a Hollywood actor, I have become very spoiled. “I feel very comfortable with the good things in life, just like Garfield,” Pratt jokes.

The actor, who is the father of three children, also recognizes that the film taught him great lessons. “Garfield has many lessons to learn, and his understanding of who his father is and what fatherhood means evolves and changes. And I have been learning that lesson little by little over the last eleven years since I became a father,” he noted.

The film also shows a more modern view of Garfield's life. So much so that at his house he has access to the “Catflix” platform and orders food through smart applications that deliver at home with drones.

From Pratt's perspective, these adaptations to the story created by Jim Davis in 1978 have helped his story remain current. However, he explains that the main essence of the character remains intact.

“We can modernize the world around him, but him as a character, sarcastic, lazy and spoiled, are things that, in a way, are eternal,” he concludes.

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