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Chantal Baudaux on TV: “I never felt rejected”

For Chantal Baudaux, it was not traumatic to navigate the world of television castings, where actors face more rejections than approvals. The Venezuelan, it should be noted, stood out in the country with productions such as 'La cuaima' (2003-2004) or 'La mujer de Judas' (2002) or 'My three sisters' (2000),

The 44-year-old artist pointed out that her case is particular because she started by accident and auditioned for RCTV as a teenager and almost without realizing it. Despite her young age and inexperience, she knew how to handle herself when things didn't go as she expected and prevent her anxiety from dominating her.

“I have lived with the certainty that what is for you finds you, that helps you not get anxious about facing something because you know that if it is for you, then it will be like that,” commented the interpreter in a micro-interview with the Venezuelan blogger. Beatriz Ticalli (In The Middle).

Nothing personal

Baudaux points out that because of this, her nerves never attacked her during her tests. “That's why I never felt rejected per se and I didn't take things personally. And when you don't take it personally, you're able to assume that it's not against you. “People do things, they don’t do things to you,” she highlighted.

However, the one born in Caracas (January 4, 1980) had to face anguish in other stages of her life, especially when she became a mother (she has two children: Zoe and Luc).

“The anxiety came hand in hand with my children,” she revealed, then added: Your children are an extension of you that you love three thousand times, in my case, more than myself, but it is something that you do not control. You can control your reactions, how something makes you feel, but not them. They are other beings, they have other energy, other values, another temperament,” she explained.

What can be controlled

“When they arrive, I feel helpless because I can't control the environment, what can happen to them in life, if they can get sad, if they adapt at school, if they are happy or not… But hey, no. "You can handle it and that gives me anxiety," said Baudaux, who on other occasions has mentioned how that situation led her, in part, to move away from soap operas.

Although he does not deny that it is difficult for him to manage this entire process, he highlights that he has managed to reduce the anguish.

"I have under control what I can control: I can help them study, I can give them a private teacher, I can try to take them to everything that I feel is going to benefit them on a social level, and what I can't control, I let go and say ' It's what they have to live,'” he said.

Chantal Baudaux
Photo: Instagram @chantalbaudaux

Continuous work

Baudaux, who also participated in the Venezuelan film 'Señor Presidente' (Rómulo Guardia, 2007), confesses that to get to that point and pass on his anxiety to his children, he has had to work on his personal part, something he still continues to do.

“I do things every day… I hold back on the things I say, I try not to be heard by communicating things that cause me worry or stress, which I know are unnecessary, but it is difficult. It is a constant work, like self-knowledge in the sense of 'well, let me understand that that is not going to be a good message for them,' he commented.

Some more details

Chantal Baudaux started on Venezuelan television at the age of 18 as the protagonist of the youth series 'Hoy te vi', broadcast by RCTV, the channel where she developed her acting career. There she shared with actors such as Nacho Huett, Ámbar Díaz, Concetta Lo Dolce, Sandy Olivares and Ramón Castro, among others.

His last work on TV was in the episode 'La Planchada' of the series 'Almas en penas', produced and developed by RCTV Internacional. Currently, she resides in Madrid, Spain, and she takes advantage of her acting talent to promote her videos on social networks.

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