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Cazzu: It is very overwhelming to be in the news everywhere for something like this

The rapper has been involved in controversy after her breakup with Nodal

Cazzu broke the silence, in the midst of the media scandal that has her as the protagonist. The Argentine rapper published a message to make her position known amid the attention she receives due to the relationship between her ex and the father of her barely seven-month-old baby, Christian Nodal, and the singer Ángela Aguilar. .

The interpreter of “Chapadora” She said she felt “overwhelmed” by everything that her breakup with the Mexican singer has caused in recent days, in a story she posted on her Instagram account that is no longer available, but that media outlets like Telemundo were able to obtain.

“It is very overwhelming to be in the news everywhere for something like this. "I always tried to avoid this side of such ruthless media exposure and today to experience it in this great dimension without having done anything to have so much attention and for my name to be spread everywhere is an immense shame," said the interpreter.

Likewise, Julia Emilia Cazzuchelli (Cazzu's real name) pointed out that she took responsibility for her choices and also for what she has no control over.

Aguilar and Nodal have been in the public eye after confirming their relationship a few days after the singer "Goodbye Love" announced the end of his relationship with Cazzu.

“I feel the need to let you know that I am fine, going through the best possible way,” said the Argentine, in response to the recently confirmed relationship between her Aztec peers.

“I choose to walk away”

Likewise, the rapper indicated that she will be absent from world 2.0 to be more present in real life, share with her daughter and focus on her work. “I choose to get away from the networks a little to detoxify and focus on my baby, which is my priority, and on my work while everything calms down out there,” she said.

To conclude, Cazzu reflected on life and the situations that must be faced: “Life is not totally beautiful or totally horrible, nor are people completely 100% good or bad, there are always grays and nuances, but The important thing is to breathe and resist with love the necessary processes and learn. Thank you for the concern of so many.”

kiss in public

And while Cazzu decides to move away to heal, his ex-partner prefers to make their new romance more and more public. Recently, Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal shared their first kiss while sharing a stage.

As recorded in a video that went viral on social networks, the Mexicans showed affection to each other when they finished singing the song titled “Tell me how you want”, released in 2020 and which marked the beginning of this love story.

“Angelita, why are you so flirtatious, my love?” said the singer, staring at his new love, to which she responded: “Because you are my boyfriend, Christian.”

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