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Carolina Sandoval denied having financial problems

Carolina Sandoval made it clear that she is not going through a financial crisis, highlighted People en Español magazine. The Venezuelan presenter also denied facing problems in her marriage with Nick Hernández.

The panelist of the program “Siéntese qué puede” revealed that this rumor arose after a person, to whom she opened the doors of her house, abused her trust and created controversy.

“I am very happy when I open the doors of my house. Every time someone enters my house they are entering my temple, the place where my daughters live, my mother, where I have my husband, my best moments. “I wished good health to the person who believed he was going to betray me, that he posed as a lamb while being a wolf,” Sandoval said in an interview with the aforementioned site.

For business

Rumors of Carolina Sandoval's financial problems arose, as she points out, after the leak of documents about her taxes. “If Donald Trump has owed taxes in this country, that Carolina Sandoval owes them is like a horse's hair,” she said without giving details.

Speculation gained more strength after Sandoval and her husband put their house in Miami, Florida, up for sale. The property is valued at 1.59 million dollars.

“It's a family business opportunity. We bought this property as an investment,” he told People en Español. “We are going to invest the money in a new project. “I am super happy,” she noted. 

Your marriage

Carolina Sandoval was surprised that people always bet on failure. “You start selling a house and you are already facing a divorce and a financial crisis. So all the people who are selling a house are due to financial problems? No! We are in a restructuring of our companies. New projects are coming. We have no intention of purchasing a property right now. I don't care that they're making fun of me. I'm not separating, at all, quite the opposite. What is coming are pure good things,” she noted.

 “I understand that when I got married, many people couldn't stand that my personality was never going to change. I'm going to continue being authentic, flirtatious, I'm going to continue joking with the pretty boys. Nick already knows who I am. Nick is a nice dad, they have wanted to destroy our relationship for so long. I am impressed by how the people around you are the first to bet that things will not go well for you,” she also expressed.

Sandoval revealed that the rumor of their supposed breakup arose from his daughter's party. “If they knew that our marital crises, like those of all the marriages I know, have been moments in which no one has imagined that we were wrong. We have been fighting for our family for nine years,” he said.

“How nice to know that they have us on their lips for many reasons; because we give them views, because we are people who what they see is what there is,” he also commented.

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