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Carolina Sandoval talked about her daughter's hearing problem

The Venezuelan presenter Carolina Sandoval, who is currently part of the program's staff "Sit who can", spoke for the first time about the hearing condition of her first daughter, who is 20 years old.

“Bárbara Camila was born with a hearing disability and for years they lent us hearing aids from people who died at the University of Miami. “Bárbara lost 40% of each ear when she was little,” Sandoval said in a recent interview on the podcast of fellow Venezuelan Alejandro Chabán.

“I didn't have money. People think that because you work in television (you have) money and that doesn't work that way; is different. The hearing aids were super expensive,” she added.

“Your daughter doesn't listen”

Sandoval said that he was 28 or 29 years old when he received Barbara's diagnosis. "A few hours after I became a mother, a neonatologist arrives and she tells you 'your daughter doesn't hear, she is deaf.' Without anesthesia,” she recalled.

“I didn't know how to eat that. I have never been with Barbara's father, it is very important to point out. I was always single,” she said about the Mexican presenter Karim Mendiburu, the young woman's father,

The Instagrammer also has another daughter: Amalia Victoria, 7 years old, the result of her marriage to fellow Venezuelan Nick Hernández.

A very special night

When remembering how Bárbara Camila came into her life, she highlighted that it was special to her and that she prefers to stay with that.

“I wouldn't change that night for anything in the world. Many called it the night of Carolina and Karim Mendiburu's drunkenness. You can give it whatever title, I give it where the light came into my life,” she said.

And he added: “That night she came into my life I don't know how to describe it. I was very sad before arriving at the club. I told my friends that I had no reason to be here. “I didn’t know if I wanted to be here or in Venezuela,” she commented.

“I went to a friend's house and told her to lend me a top because I wanted to be the prettiest because that night my life would change. I decreed to the universe. It was November 22, 2002,” she revealed.

Sandoval, however, acknowledged that he was at a very confusing time in his life. “They were so pretty, but so alone, confused. She was so skinny, but full of doubts. I have never been diagnosed with depression, but I think the closest I will come to understanding depression will be at that moment,” she noted.

The presenter admitted that she did not appreciate its advantages at the time. “The most important thing is that she had everything and she didn't know it, that she was happy and she didn't know it,” she said.

To the rhythm of Shakira

The businesswoman also recalled that the music of the Colombian Shakira marked the beginning of that whole story. “I owe a lot to Shakira because to the rhythm of her songs, Bárbara's father and I danced all night. Shakira was responsible for us having the best night of drinking, crazy. That's why I wouldn't change anything about that night,” she said, convinced.

“I made love that night and Barbara came out of a night of love, a moment of love. He and I didn't have a partner. Both unrelated,” she said.

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