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Carlos Daniel Alvarado finished filming his second film

The production features the performances of José Ramón Barreto and Adriana Marval

Carlos Daniel Alvarado put on the skates to work in direction with his second production, “A Movie Trip,” a film that promises laughter and fun. After a shoot that toured the most spectacular tourist destinations in Venezuela, from the majesty of Canaima to the vibrant Caracas, passing through the serenity of Mérida and the island beauty of Margarita, the team closed their adventure in Los Roques.

This was indicated by the production's “boss” himself, Carlos Daniel, via social networks. “A Movie Journey ❤️ 14 weeks ago we started this project, today we finish it in BLESSING AND VICTORY. End of Filming 🎬”, commented Daniela Alvarado's brother as a description of a reel that he uploaded to Instagram.

The video is a summary of the seven weeks of filming that the project took, a tour of several national parks in the country and, above all, it contains key moments that will not be seen in the film.

More details

The film, an Alvarado Films production, features a stellar cast that includes renowned talents from the country, including Jose Ramon Barreto, an actor who said that the film is “a tribute story to friendship, cinema and Venezuela,” according to a publication by Últimas Noticias.

It is estimated that “A Movie Journey” will land in the country's theaters next December and in it you will be able to enjoy the talent of Adriana Marval, Mario Becerra Di Gregorio, Vicente Peña Cavet, Karla Vieira, Jhon Guitian and Pedro Medina.

Likewise, the first actor Pedro Durán also joined the experience both in front of and behind the cameras, since he worked as a coach for the artists.

The tour

Regarding the places that were chosen for the recordings and especially Canaima, Carlos Daniel Alvarado expressed his gratitude for arriving with his technical and artistic team to that hidden place on Earth, as mystical as it is beautiful.

“Thank you, my God, for this blessed land, for giving us your wonders and the privilege of doing what I love, Venezuelan Cinema ❤️. Körepakaupay Vena. Triumphing✌🏻 @alvaradofilms“commented the young director.

Regarding other destinations, he acknowledged that thanks to this production he has had a good trip and reflected on the adventure of self-discovery.

“There are trips that we always want to take, to see outside, countries, cities, the world… but many times we find it difficult to look inside. We rarely do this internal journey, it is difficult for us to correct, admire and live with the beauty that lives in us. It’s always easier to look outside,” she observed.

“In this new film, without wanting to, without looking for it, we had to look inside, at our hearts, at our talents… at our Venezuela. To reunite with ourselves, with great friends, to realize how wonderful we are and affirm without a doubt... that we are the best country in the world ❤️ Anyway... realize that we deserve to love each other more. Thank you Lord Jesus 🙌🏻,” he added.

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