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They capture Ester Expósito and Miguel Bernardeau kissing in Madrid

The actors of "Elite" have not confirmed the relationship

Ester Expósito and Miguel Bernardeau became the center of attention in the last few hours, because they were both caught kissing in a bar in Madrid.

According to information from Vanitatis, the “Elite” actors “did not stop kissing and caressing each other.”

Until now, only the romances between María Pedraza and Jaime Lorente, Ester Expósito and Álvaro Rico had been confirmed; and, to the surprise of many, Itzan Escamilla and Omar Ayuso. However, speculations have arisen that a new couple was born.

One more step

According to the story, a couple with the characteristics of Expósito and Bernardeau entered the premises. There they asked for something, they sat together... And they let themselves go like just another couple with loving attitudes.

The actors have always boasted of having a good relationship as friends and as colleagues, but apparently they took the relationship one step further. The rumors come after the Madrid native ended her courtship with Nico Furtado after two years of relationship.

As will be remembered, Expósito and Furtado confirmed their relationship in October 2023 and remained together until December of last year. According to some media, the courtship broke up due to their complicated schedules. 

Miguel, for his part, since he put an end to his relationship with Aitana in December 2022, remains single.

Itzan and Omar

Other actors from “Elite” who surprised were Itzan Escamilla and Omar Ayuso. The actors sparked relationship rumors after Escamilla shared a publication in which he leaves holding hands with his co-star in the first seasons of the Spanish series.

“My boy,” Ayuso answered along with a red heart emoticon. Although the actors have not commented on the matter, everything indicates that they are in a relationship.

As expected, followers did not hesitate to express their support for the relationship. "Is what I believe? Yessss”; “Long live this couple in love”; “I don't know how to react hahaha I was shocked”; "I always knew it"; “Perfect, wonderful, my favorites from the 'Elite' series,” were some of the comments that can be read.

While to other users it seems like they are just friends. “It causes me conflict to see how people are relating them as a couple just because they are holding hands”; “Let us please normalize that two men can hold hands without necessarily being a couple.”

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