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Canelita Medina will be remembered for her greatest hits

The singer, who died this Thursday, began in 1957 in the ranks of Sonora Caracas

This Tuesday, July 4, Rogelia Medina Romera (84 years old), popularly known in the world of music as "Canelita Medina", passed away. The singer, who was born on March 6, 1939 in La Guaira, was also known professionally as "La Sonera de Venezuela" and "La Sonera del Caribe." The causes of her death are unknown.

His musical beginnings date back to 1957, when he joined the ranks of Sonora Caracas, a group of which he was a member for seven years. In that group he recorded "Canelita", which would later give him his stage name.

His success surpassed the Venezuelan geography from international hits such as “Ta tá candela” and “Tanto, tanto”.

The Caribs

Canelita Medina was also part of other groups, such as Los Megatones de Lucho, Los Caribes de Víctor Piñero and Estrellas Latinas. She then retired from the stage to reappear eight years later with Federico y su Combo Latino, with whom she recorded "Besos brujos", her first song.

Later there would be great successes such as "Quiéreme", "Canto a La Guaira" and "Triumphant Night", which were forever planted in the collective unconscious of the youth and adults of that time.

Trina Medina, his heir

Canelita Medina was the mother of the famous singer Trina medina, whose real name is Trina de los Ángeles Sojo Medina.

Her voice dominated the Venezuelan music scene by acting as a backup singer for great Venezuelan performers such as Frank Quintero, with whom she sang "No no tiene con qué"; and with Yordano, with whom she did the same in iconic hits such as “Robando azules”, Madera fina ”and“ Por estas calles ”.

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