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Camilo: Curiosity is my only vehicle, my engine

Colombian singer Camilo released “cuatro”, his new studio album. To achieve this he immersed himself in a process of musical exploration driven by curiosity. This has always been his best starting point. The trip took him back to his childhood years.

“Curiosity is my vehicle, the only one,” the composer acknowledged in an interview with EFE.

The album, the fourth in his discography, offers a tour through a sample of genres and tropical rhythms. They all refer to those that he has anchored in his memory and that were activated after a recent trip to his native Montería, in northern Colombia.

The trigger was a box of cassettes that his parents still kept and that contained countless songs that they recorded on the radio at that time. Salsa, merengue, vallenato, cumbia songs, among others, that were the soundtrack of the singer's early years.

“They shaped the person I am. “I am very grateful that he has been so diverse and so special and particular,” explained the Colombian.


The album, recorded and produced at El Taller Creativo (located in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami), offers a look at the past with the perspective that his new fatherhood gives him.

His wife, Evaluna Montaner, is months away from giving birth to the new member of the family: Amaranto.

“four” is made up of 12 songs, of which only three are actually new. The rest were successfully advanced. Among them stand out: “A Past Life”, a duet with the regional Mexican music singer Carín León, or “PLIS” with Evaluna.

He dedicates one of the new songs to his wife and mother of Indigo and Amaranto, “A love song for the Flea“. It is a surrendered declaration of love with almost only an acoustic guitar as the only accompaniment.

“She is the most virtuous woman I know, next to my mother. “She is a woman full of talents,” she stated.

Video clips

The videos that accompany the songs of “cuatro” have been directed by Evaluna and Saumeth. They highlight the musical instruments that were part of this process and that have been immortalized on the album cover.

Camilo confirms having been well accompanied in the making of this album and, in addition to his wife and family, he mentions Frank Fuentes, the percussionist in his band. The latter served as arranger in this production, which was also recorded completely live.

“I feel very proud to have written all the songs, produced all the songs, in the peace of this place, alongside friends who collaborated in each of the subprocesses,” explained the musician.

For the lyrics of some of the songs that make up the album, Camilo joined forces with figures such as the duo Mau and Ricky Montaner, or the renowned producer and composer Edgar Barrera.

“I loved the experience of recording an album of genres that I don't master, of new genres. “I loved the experience of trusting the elements I have for processes I had never done before, like fixing winds for example,” she elaborated.

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