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Café Tacvba celebrates 35 years with a theme dedicated to migration

"La Bas(e)" is the most recent single by the Mexican band

The Mexican group Café Tacvba, which this Monday will celebrate 35 years on stage, “reflects” on migrants in its new song, “Base)“. The video clip for the single will be released tomorrow.

This was highlighted by the band's keyboardist and singer, Emmanuel del Real, 'Meme', in an interview with EFE. “The group always had this concern of translating personal reflections, but observing the social environment and what happens a lot. In the songs, to some extent, there is always a share of reflection about what is happening,” he said.

“La Bas(e)” is inspired by and challenges “all these people who, for different reasons, are forced to leave their social environment… Out of necessity, out of pleasure, out of adventure… But, in most cases, out of necessity”, he adds.

The song also recognizes those who have “flourished” in another land. A reality that musicians from Ciudad Satélite have observed in Mexicans who now live in the United States.

"We ended up experiencing this relationship with the public, who, when we arrive, are happy that some artist, in this case, us, can bring them a little piece of the flavor of their land," 'Meme' smiles.

The group, with more than 10 albums in their backpack, is characterized by combining rock and roll with traditional sounds of Mexican culture.

The key to success

'Meme' explains that, throughout the three and a half decades of the group's life, there have been pauses or changes in intensity in their daily lives.

In this sense, respect for the personal needs of each member is key to guarantee the survival of Café Tacvba.

“We always had the freedom, which is also part of the value that the group has towards us as members (…), that, if suddenly someone has a creative, personal or family concern and needs to take a break, (…), it we do”, he explains.

Thus, he assures that if they are celebrating a new birthday it is “because of those distances and types of separations” that they have experienced. Situations that, by the way, also guarantee the “reconnection of energy” to create.

Rubén Albarrán, Joselo and Enrique Rangel, and 'Meme' himself, know that they still have time together.

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