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Zañartu's horses ride again

When Oscar Zañartu turned eight, his mother gave him a box of crayons. “For me that was the best, because at school he was a very quiet boy. I didn't talk and avoid the things I didn't like to do at school, doing the billboards. I painted everything and the horses were always the protagonists of my stories ”.

This is how the artist recalled yesterday his interest in this animal and that it is reflected in most of the more than 40 works that make up the Oscar Zañartu exhibition. Traces of a painter's drawing, in which there are not only paintings and sculptures, but also drawings and sketches of what this sample is.

Born in Caracas in 1960, Zañartu said that this exhibition, which will remain in Pdvsa-La Estancia until next October 13, “is the first one I do to install it in an institution. I am very flattered by this invitation, because these works are very dear to me ”. The artist indicated that, for the time being, he does not plan to present this exhibition in another Caracas space. “I have an invitation to go to Le Mans and it is very possible that I will take some. Everything will depend, because when you do this type of meeting there are some works that remain in time, and others that leave ”.

The artist said that he also plans to offer drawing workshops for children at the Pdvsa-La Estancia facilities. The calendar for these courses has not yet been defined, "but I hope with my knowledge to help the little ones so that, as happened to me when they gave me my first crayons, they can develop their talent."

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