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Bivi Rosales: “Unintentionally I feel like I failed”

Bivi Rosales had to put an end to her business adventure. The TV host and announcer admitted her sadness at this negative closure, but she hopes to return to the project in the future.

“It's hard to fall. Today I close a cycle of my life that began six years ago, which gave me many joys and learnings, which made me grow as a business woman, to have partners who become family, to lead; and I also understood the negative by not having a plan with clear objectives, by not prioritizing your business,” the presenter of the space 'Viajando con Bivi' (Venevision) wrote on her Instagram profile.

The social communicator, also a graduate of UCAB, took advantage of the publication to thank everyone who supported her dream. “I have a wrinkled heart,” she commented about the emotional process she went through after the decision she made with her store and her clothing brand.

Photo: Instagram @bivirosales

“I know it's not the right word, but without meaning to, I feel like I failed; I hope to learn from my mistakes and later return to this beautiful dream. I hope to have news soon

Bivi Rosales, as you may remember, originally launched her clothing line in 2018, although it was in 2020, during the pandemic, that gave strength to the project. In addition to the clothing collections, the Bianca Rosales Store, which was located in Las Mercedes, also offered shoes and accessories.

The news of the end of this project earned Bivi Rosales various messages of solidarity and support from the Instagram community.

“Failing is the last step before reaching the floor of success. Pa´lante”, commented the singer Florentino Primera, while the presenter Maite García, who also has a clothing store, expressed: “I understand you. And it is the most unpleasant feeling. But every mistake or fall is a learning experience. That 'failure' is just part of life. I love you and admire you.”

José Andrés Padrón, for his part, commented: “You never fail when you try. It's the beginning of everything, dear. Go”, while entrepreneur Katherine Gamez pointed out: “I understand you so much, Bivi. These decisions are often wise too.”

“Friend, I bankrupted my business twice and today, on my third attempt, I am happy to see how it is growing. But when I failed I didn't have the courage to tell it. You'll see that something better is coming”; “Failure is the opportunity to start from scratch with more experience. I wish you the best always. New opportunities will come and you will understand why today”; and “Nothing becomes a failure if you learned something from it. Take all the experience that this left you,” other Internet users also commented.

Bianca Rosales, full name of Bivi Rosales, has combined her work on television with radio, a medium in which she entered in 2013. Currently, in fact, she is part of Circuito X (89.7 FM). On the small screen she has also stood out in spaces on Canal i and Sun Channel.

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