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Benavides and Enghel reflected on success in the music industry

Venezuelan singers crossed paths in a podcast

Benavides has turned his career around with his new role as a podcast host. And the Venezuelan singer, popular for hits like “My ex wants me” or “MVP“He found a formula to connect with his fans without leaving aside his great passion.

Long and extensive, and with the intention of answering the question: What is success in music? Benavides spoke with Enghel in “The Super Fan Machine.”

“Many new artists see success in only one way and that is: 300 million views or filling an arena. Or they compare themselves with Bad Bunny, with Maluma, with Karol G women or with Taylor Swift and believe that that is the only success that can be achieved. And that could be a very bitter and frustrating path due to all the sacrifices it entails,” said the Venezuelan by way of introduction.

Each one, comfortably from their home, focused the interaction based on their personal experience.

“I think the best advice, based on my own experience, is to start having goals and not expectations. Because the objectives obviously have to be there, you have to dream big. If your dream is to fill an arena, why not, consider it, work for it. But if that is the only objective, that's where the frustration comes... A career is work,” commented Enghel, who is also a Latin Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer.

“When you are a musician, obviously there are some who gain fame overnight or with a short previous job, but as we see it everywhere, on social networks and the media, we believe that everything is like that and it is not true. ”.

According to the singer who debuted in 2013 with the album “Besos Variados y Surtidos”, “there was a democratization of the music business both in the way of creating it and disseminating it. You can build a much larger fan base than any record label has… We see cases of artists who are their own managers and you market yourself.”

IN that sense, Enghel warned that “it is necessary to have control over expectations and frustrations. Being a bet, it can turn out different than what you thought,” highlighted the singer with whom Benavides has launched several collaborations.

Everything changed

For almost 48 minutes, and on split screen, Benavides recalled his brotherly relationship with Enghel, who began his career in 2013. “There have been many years of friendship and working together. We always talk about everything but it is the first time that we sit down to talk conscientiously about music as a business.”

Without posturing, and far from appearing stuffy, they dedicated the podcast to people who want to learn how to market themselves and get into the music business.

“They have screwed us, they have screwed us, we have gotten ahead, they have screwed us again and we have gotten ahead again,” said Benavides, implying that in music not everything is magic and a piece of cake.

As a formula to avoid discomfort, Enghel considered that you have to “enjoy the trip. Because when the race is based only on the objectives you miss the journey that is the most fun, I mean creating and composing.”

With a dose of complexity and truth in their comments, the duo recalled that today the music that is played is not only what the record labels send to the media. “Today the tools allow you to create music, which can sound of the highest quality, in a room and the media today touch the trend of social networks.”

For those who don't know, this is the artist's fourth podcast after five microphones that served as the impetus for his initiative. Most of them linked to music marketing.

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