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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to star in thriller 'RIP'

American actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will star in 'RIP', a police thriller that will be directed by filmmaker Joe Carnahan and for which the Netflix platform acquired the rights, EFE reported.

“Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, best friends forever, will star in 'RIP.' The new feature-length thriller will come to Netflix from the hand of writer and director Joe Carnahan,” the pay television platform announced this Tuesday on its X account.

At the moment the details of this new film are unknown, of which Damon and Affleck will also be producers and whose project began to be advertised in Los Angeles a few weeks ago to find a distributor.

Team up

In November 2022, both stars founded Artist Equity, an American independent production company with which they managed to co-star together in 'Air', the Amazon film focused on the story behind the logo of Michael Jordan's sneakers.

According to the specialized site Deadline, the 'RIP' project came together quite quickly in recent weeks. The actors had already tried to develop another crime thriller for Netflix, titled 'Animals', at the beginning of 2024, but the filming of 'The Accountant 2' did not allow Affleck to commit, so the plan was put on hold.

The aforementioned specialized media also highlights that Damon was the first to read the script for 'RIP'. After being impressed with it, he quickly put it in Affleck's hands. Once they both got on board, the project was presented on the market, where it was acquired by the N platform.

Thanks to 'In Search of Destiny'

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, as you may remember, won the Oscar for Best Screenplay in 1997 for their work on the film 'Good Will Hunting'('In search of destiny'), which made them known. The film, it should be noted, also allowed the remembered Robin Williams to win the Oscar for Best Actor that year.

Damon and Affleck have also appeared together in films such as 'Dogma' (1999) and 'The last duel', in 2021.

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