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Bacilos sings to the “Pequeños romances” in his new album

This is the pop duo's sixth album.

The pop band Bacilos released their sixth studio album “Pequeños romances” this Thursday, May 16, with which they return to the music scene after their 2021 album “Abecedario” and cover genres such as ballads, cumbia or cha- cha-cha.

“Little Romances came out! Proud to share it with you, creating beauty and light is not easy, but we do it. “Let him accompany,” declared the líder for the band, the Colombian Jorge Villamizar, on the social network X and reported by EFE.

The album, with 11 songs, was promoted with the singles “Anoche” and “Facho”, which were released in January and April 2024, respectively, and was recorded at the Criteria studio, located in Miami, where artists such as ABBA and David worked. Bowie.

“One of the interesting things about this album is that we recorded it in Criteria, which is an emblematic studio in Miami, where great music classics such as 'Hotel California' (by the Eagles) have been recorded,” Villamizar said in a statement.


According to the musician from Montería, capital of the department of Córdoba (north), the band wanted to make an album “the old way”, without using programming and computers.

In addition to the release of the album, they also released the single “Enredadera”, which tells in its lyrics the story of “a special love different from what one is used to” and which the band recorded at the wish of one of their studio musicians.

Bacilos will begin an international tour on May 30 in which they will visit several cities in Mexico and Spain, and to which will be added their participation in the Cordillera Festival in Bogotá in September 2024. 

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