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Aroldo Betancourt: “I still have a lot to do”

Aroldo Betancourt has been pursued throughout his artistic life by his fame as a hummingbird. 

At this point, when he has spent almost four decades in front of the cameras (he has done film, television and theater in almost the same proportion), he laughs and leaves to the “urban legends” whether the love affairs that, in many cases, were true or not. opportunities, they endorsed him. Although he does not fail to acknowledge that he did have a few.

And so, although he assured that he did not take any specific episode of his life for that, he confronts it in the work Yes or No? Couples therapy, original production by Juan Carlos Duque, which is presented to this day at the Chacao theater. There Betancourt shares credits with Sonia Villamizar - who plays his wife - and María Antonieta Duque, who is the therapist.

—How much of your own does the character have?

—This work is very interesting because it addresses the topic of the couple... I have been married, divorced, remarried... And, although personally, I have had many relationships, most of them ended well. That's something I can count on, because the separation of those couples has been kind. Life has given us the opportunity to move forward as friends, as human beings.

The work is a reflection on how far people can understand each other, tell each other the truths. 

Photo: Mairelys González

—Did any of those couples take you to therapy?

—I had a partner who told me to try it and I went. In the first session, the therapist asked me what was happening and why I was there... And the truth is, it didn't work. We ended up separated (laughs).

—At this point in your career, what roles do you prefer?

—When I am presented with a project in the area, what I am looking for is for it to be a character that leaves something: a reflection, either on life or on the topic we are dealing with. I have been fortunate to do drama, suspense, comedy... I think the work I have done speaks for itself.

—What do you still have to do?

—I have a lot to do. I just ask that God gives me health to try things. I want to make a good drama, but I'm currently working on a one-man show, written by me and with the advice of several stand-up experts.

It is a part of my life story, combined with other elements. I think I should release it by October. It will be a different experience from what I do now because it will be just me on the boards. I'm more used to being part of a cast. So it's going to be a challenge for me too.

Photo: Mairelys González

-And the cinema?

—I have a couple of film projects waiting. One with Caupolicán Ovalles and José Tomás Angola who is already at the National Autonomous Center of Cinematography (Cnac). We are waiting for the yes or no to begin pre-production and filming. The other project would be for after this one is done. 

We have our fingers crossed that the Cnac approves it this year and, thus, filming begins. It is a story that, I am sure, you will like a lot.

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