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Ariana Grande spoke out about abuse on Nickelodeon

Three months after the premiere of “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV“, where several former employees of producer Dan Schneider spoke about the abuses on Nickelodeon recording sets, Ariana Grande made her position on the docuseries known, highlighted the Mexican portal El Universal, which cites American media as a source.

As you may remember, when she was 14 years old, the American actress and singer was part of the cast of the series “Victorious” (2010-2013), which is part of a list of youth shows developed by Schneider for the children's network.

“Obviously, my relationship with this has changed and is currently changing, and I'm reprocessing a lot of what the experience was like,” Grande said in an interview on actor Penn Badgley's Podcrushed podcast.

“Many people don't have the support they need to work at that level at such a young age, but they also don't have to deal with the things that victims have told… there is no word to describe how devastating it is to hear that,” he said. the vocalist.

“There should be therapists”

The interpreter of “The Boy is Mine” took the opportunity to highlight the importance of providing children and parents with the tools to deal with the particularities of the entertainment industry.

“I think the environment needs to be safer if kids are going to perform. I think there should be therapists. Parents should be allowed to be wherever they want to be. And I think not just in the children's sets; I think if someone wants to do this or music or anything at the level of exposure that being on television or doing music with a major label or whatever means, there should be something in the contract that says, 'Therapy is mandatory twice a year.' week,'” he commented.

During the interview, the actress also pointed out that young artists are very vulnerable to the reactions of adults on set. “That creates a strange pattern that happens when they really take advantage of how much it means to the young artist to make people laugh on set. You say, 'Oh, I'm doing great.' This is fun, this is good.”


In relation to “Victorious”, a program that has received accusations for its inappropriate content due to multiple situations and jokes with double meanings, Ariana Grande recalled that she was excited about the project from the beginning.

“We were young artists who wanted to do this with our lives more than anything, we did it and it was so beautiful. “I think we had very special memories and we feel very privileged to have been able to create those roles and be part of something that was so special for many young children,” he declared in the podcast, according to the Nosotras.mx site.

Grande, who here gave life to a peculiar young woman named Cat, later starred in a spinoff of the comedy titled “Sam & Cat”, alongside Jenette McCurdy, from the series “iCarly”. The new production was also directed by Schneider.

Limits of humor

The singer, who will soon star in the musical film “Wicked,” also talked about what she regrets about that time, such as scenes she filmed or in which she saw other colleagues “exceed the limits with their humor.”

“The hints, they told us, and also convinced us, were a great differentiation. And, I don't know, I think it all happened so fast and now, looking back at some of the clips I'm like, that's... damn, really? The things that were not approved for the series sneaked onto the websites or wherever, and that is another discovery,” she said.

Although Ariana disapproves of the “Victorious” jokes, she assured that she does not regret her participation in the program because she created beautiful things with her colleagues who are now also her friends.

“Specifically about our program, I think one thing we were convinced was what was good about us. It's just that we push the limits with our humor. And the insinuations were… I guess I'm upset, yes,” she noted.

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