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Anuel AA will debut as an actor in a horror film

"You Lose You Die" finishes filming in the Dominican Republic

Anuel AA will debut as an actor in an independent horror film. Original by Carlos “Spiff TV” Suárez, “You Lose You Die” is titled the audiovisual work of which only a few details are known.

In the cast, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter will share the set with Freddy Rodríguez, who is also executive producer, and Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr (WWE star Charlotte Flair).

Luian “DJ Luian” Malavé Nieves will also make his debut alongside Anuel AA.

Although there is a lot of secrecy surrounding the film, it is not even known on what platform it will be seen, filming is about to end in the Dominican Republic. In the plot, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, stage name of Anuel AA, will play EZ Money.

“You Lose You Die” tells the story of tech-savvy sociopath Mr. Fantastik (Rodriguez), who runs a popular show on the dark web with two other tech-savvy sociopaths, Ms. Perfect (Fliehr) and Mr. Creep (Anthony Alvarez).

“In the program, thousands of viewers vote on games and challenges in which men deprived of liberty can participate. If the prisoners lose, the spectators vote on the weapons the sociopaths will use to annihilate them.” Any resemblance to “Hotel 2” is purely coincidental.

Joining the cast are Josh Bredl as Mr. Large, Sophia Zimba as Kara, Ashley Hernández as Julie, Alejandro Durán as Alfonso and Noah Crider as Chase, among others.

The information was shared by Deadline.com where photos of Anuel AA and DJ Luian in their characters were also shown.

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