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Antonio Delli: I am happy with the projects in which I have participated

Antonio Delli is happy and grateful to return to the theater scene with “Los pales”. The renowned Venezuelan actor, 58 years old, continues to add achievements in his long career in television, dubbing, theater and film, as well as being an announcer for The History Channel for Latin America.

“My character Jacobo is a very successful scriptwriter in the world of television, with a long career of successes and who over the years has had to adapt to the changes in the medium and the tastes of the generations. At the time of the work, he is in a stage of transformation because he is faced with the failure of one of his projects that had started with great success and then, due to a decision on his part, it causes him to completely falter." Delli said in an interview with Últimas Noticias.

“He is a person of great power within the media, he has been the boss for a long time and suddenly he faces the challenge of overcoming and improving that bad decision he made; seeing how his entire career collapses, even being able to disappear in the middle,” he added.

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The production, which raised the curtain on May 31, is directed by Rossana Hernández, under the production of Jayler Romero y Hernández. They worked on a piece whose objective is to show, through a scathing look, what television is within television, and also serves as a mirror or reflector of the power dynamics on work and personal relationships. “It is a very current text, current and enjoyable for all generations,” Delli summarized.

“I am sure that this exciting and well-written piece will connect greatly with the audience. I think that people are going to comment a lot about this work, because it also has the points of view of each of our generations, from the oldest or oldest, to the middle generation and the youngest, which are today so defined by terms and categories according to age,” he said.

—So far, what has been your most satisfying experience in theater?

—I have had many satisfactory experiences in theater throughout my career, it would be unfair to name one in particular, but I would take it by generation according to my experience and age, which have been great acting moments.

I have had a very beautiful career in theater, film, television, voiceovers and dubbing. In the theater I have assumed commitments that have given me a lot of satisfaction with respect, discipline, love and affection towards my work. I am happy with the projects in which I have been able to participate.

—One of the constant temptations of actors is about directing, do you have any interest in directing?

—I respect the direction a lot. I think it is like a fundamental pillar along with the text.

It has caused me to do it. I have been a coach for a long time in some productions and I have also been an acting guide. I find the direction fascinating. A work of commitment, guidance, delivery. Taking over management has been a challenge and a responsibility. It was a pending subject and now that I've been doing it I really enjoy it.

—And in the cinema?

—In cinema I am part of the cast of the film “Atiende” which is about to be released although it has already premiered at several international festivals. It will soon premiere at the Venezuelan Film Festival in Margarita.

It is a film directed by Jesús “Chuchú” Rodríguez and was recorded a while ago. The cast is made up of Elba Escobar, Germán Anzola, Marta Estrada, Agustín Segnini, among others.

There are also great challenges in dubbing, what are those projects?

—In the fascinating world of dubbing, I continue working on beautiful projects. I just finished filming the season of a series that airs on E! Entertainment Television which is “Botched”, one of the most successful series on that channel.

It's about a couple of plastic surgeons who make improvements within the world of body surgery, improvements to things that didn't turn out very well or congenital procedures. I play Dr. Paul Nassif.

I also play the narrator of “Empires of Asia”, a series broadcast on the H2 channel, and in parallel with one of the regular characters of History's emblematic series “The Price of History”. I have been passionate about the world of dubbing since I started and I continue to do so with great affection.

—What does a dubbing actor need and how do you think the evolution of dubbing has been in recent years?

—A dubbing actor needs training, technique, good voice placement, and being flexible when interpreting very varied characters. It's not just the voice, it's what's behind the voice so it fits the character.

The evolution of dubbing in recent years has been a constant evolution of active work, always with productions that are being developed. In our country we have one of the most competitive and solid dubbing industries because the accent that comes from dubbing is very neutral, international and is highly sought after.

We always have productions. I think it is an industry that will continue to grow much more and more.

—The soap opera “Vieja yo?”, where he was part of the cast, is being broadcast by Venevisión. What do you think of this story being back on the small screen?

—I am happy that the novel “Old Me?” return to the Venevisión screen. We do it with great love. I loved playing Wincho. It was in that novel and it was a character gift from my admired Mónica Montañés.

I was married in the novel to Carolina Perpetuo, my daughter was Erika Schwarzgruber. I also worked with dear people like María Antonieta Duque, Rolando Padilla, Jean Carlos Simanca, Mimí Lazo, among others. It was a beautiful novel, I'm happy that the public is enjoying it again.

What are your next projects?

—New dubbing projects are coming, new series are coming… at the same time, I have continued as an announcer for 20 years on the History Channel during the first stage of the channel and now its sister channel H2 for almost six years. I am the announcer for productions for Latin America. It is a job that fills me with pride.

Currently, I am very happy because at the end of the year a film about our venerated José Gregorio Hernández will be released. A wonderful and exciting project, where I had the honor of interpreting the renowned doctor with my voice.

Together with a team led by Jorge Zambrano, here we are in this project, very excited because Hernández is for everyone a figure of faith, of belief. It was an honor for me to be part of this production.

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