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Angelique Boyer talks about “The strange return of Diana Salazar”

Angelique Boyer returned to the small screen with “The Strange Return of Diana Salazar”, the new soap opera on the VIX platform. The “Teresa” actress, who stars in the production alongside Sebastián Rulli, her real-life partner, highlighted that this is a different story, with an iconic character, noted People En Español magazine.

“He is definitely a super emblematic character on Mexican television, on Mexican culture; with all these supernatural, esoteric touches. Obviously, the melodrama to the surface in each of the characters, in each of the eras that are touched on in this story,” said Boyer during the red carpet of the premiere of the Mexican drama, which debuted on May 17.

The actress, 35 years old, feels happy about the new challenge of doing two different eras and working with a team she loves and trusts. “I am also happy to be accompanied by the great love of my life, Sebastián Rulli, to meet Arap Bethke, a very excellent partner, and a beautiful, super-committed cast, so I am happy with life,” highlighted the artist, who gets into the skin of Diana Salazar (current era) and Leonor De Santiago (XNUMXth century).

A romantic story

Sebastián Rulli, who plays Eduardo and Mario Villarreal, for his part, also told the aforementioned media that he is happy and grateful that the full story can now be seen. “That excites us because a lot has been given by the team,” he said.

The interpreter also revealed that he did not think twice when he was asked to participate in the soap opera. “I knew that she (Angelique) was going to be Diana Salazar and suddenly, very excited about what I was going to do, the opportunity came to me, they asked me if I was interested and I said: 'of course,'” he told the site.

“To tell a love story that transcends time, borders and confirms that love is real... what more than being able to do it with my wife and knowing that it comes from the hand of Patricio Wills and Carlos Bardasano; a production with which she had already worked - she had made 'The Dragon', 'The Rich Also Cry' -, she knew the quality it has and for ViX, which for us is our home. "I couldn't say no," highlighted the Argentine actor.

interpret dreams

Arap Bethke, who plays Joaquín Núñez and Lucas Treviño in the melodrama, highlighted about his character: “The psychoanalyst begins to give therapy to Diana and realizes that through the dreams she is having, they find clues to facts that happened in the past, and through these therapies we get to know that past and we know that these characters carry a history of previous lives,” he told People en Español.

for the actor “The pilot” The first thing that hooked him about the plot was retelling the story of an iconic soap opera, “but from a very current, very dynamic perspective, touching on these themes, just about reincarnation, about love that transcends borders, about love that transcends times.” and spaces and that it returns,” he noted.

And he added: “The character for me was very interesting. That he dedicated himself to interpreting dreams, searching if past lives exist, for me it was very very rich to do something. “I had never done anything like this.”

“It is a different essence”

According to Bethke, the new soap opera is not a rehash, as is now styled. “It is not necessarily a remake as is, but it takes elements of that story that was made in the 80s and sort of (re)interprets it in a 2024 version, and I think that gives it a very current, very modern element.” today,” he said.

Likewise, he added that the series is not intended to indoctrinate on the subject, but rather for people to have fun. “What we want most is for people to be entertained, to have fun, to be excited by each of the chapters. However, yes, the central theme talks about this theme of reincarnation, so we leave it there for you to make your own guesses.”

Past Lives

According to the synopsis of the original version of 'The Strange Return of Diana Salazar', broadcast between April 1988 and January 1989, it tells the story of the forbidden love between Leonor (Lucía Mendez) and Eduardo (Jorge Martínez) in the XNUMXth century, marked by tragedy and an accusation of witchcraft that leads Leonor to die at the stake.

Centuries later, fate gives them another chance when they are both reincarnated as Diana, a young student, and Mario, an Argentine engineer. In the new version, Diana is a doctor and Mario, a scientist.

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