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Amanda Dudamel celebrated her father's victory in Colombia

Amanda Dudamel was more than proud of the most recent soccer triumph of her father, the Venezuelan Rafael Dudamel. The universal viceroy 2022, who she celebrated on the field in style with him, took advantage of Father's Day precisely to dedicate a message to him for the victory of the team she directs, Atlético Bucaramanga.

It should be noted that the aforementioned eleven were crowned champions for the first time in their history by defeating the capital team Independiente Santa Fe in the penalty shootout (6-5), thus winning the final of the Clausura Tournament in Colombia.

“Dad, now I understand why you have taught us life as an eternal analogy with football. “Today, for the first time, I live it consciously,” the model and former beauty queen wrote on Sunday on her Instagram profile, where she shared photos and images of the celebration of the former goalkeeper and former technical director of la Vinotinto.

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“Last night they gave us 90 minutes of football that summed up our entire lives. They worked for a long time with so much conviction and discipline that it seemed easy to have everything under control, and suddenly, when you feel that you are about to reach the goal... they turn the game around, your path becomes cloudy and it seems that life "It's coming to you," said the fashion designer from Merida about Saturday's final.

Great teachings

Next, Amanda Dudamel highlights that if there is something she has learned from her father, it is to endure moments of uncertainty and adversity.

“Emotional intelligence, you always tell me. Calm, patience and a lot of faith. And in those last moments, when I felt like everything was falling apart, I could only think about your way of handling these situations, even if I don't yet have the same courage to face them as you, but there I “I felt safe again,” she says.

And he added: “Dad, they are already champions! I still can't believe that everything that happened last night is real! "I will continue learning daily, admiring you, loving you and honoring every word you say to me, because everything comes from you with a great teaching!"

They deserve everything

Miss Venezuela 2021 did not miss the opportunity to congratulate the team led by Rafael Dudamel and his fans. “Bucaramanga, the star came home after 75 years full of passion and a lot of faith; They deserve it all”!⭐️”.

To conclude her message, Amanda Dudamel highlighted what Dudamel Sr. considers his greatest success. “From your own words, beyond the victory, I know that today your greatest dream come true is to have consolidated such a solid team and such a familiar fan base. Being able to call you dad is my greatest luxury,” she said.

The followers of Dudamel, 25, did not hesitate to celebrate with her. “Family of champions! We love you Dudamel family and we welcome you like other Colombians. Total admiration for father and daughter”; "Congratulations. Long live Colombia and our beloved Venezuela, we are each other's complement, brother countries”; “How proud you must be. Congratulations, Rafael Dudamel, leaving Venezuela high”; and “Thank you to the sister Republic of Venezuela who gave birth to the man who brought us out of a 75-year drought and made the dream of our ancestors and our dream come true. Thank you Dudamel, whoever steps on Santander land is a Santanderean, and you are a Santanderean,” were some of the comments left in the post.

It surprised him

As will be remembered, the entrepreneur also surprised her father in Bucaramanga at the team's concentration. “She hadn't seen him for six months and I knew it was a special occasion,” her ex-miss, who traveled with her boyfriend, businessman Daniel Roa, wrote on social media.

In the second leg of the final, held in Bogotá, the mannequin was also in the stadium supporting those led by Rafael Dudamel and once the match was over and Bucaramanga achieved its victory, she went down to the field to accompany her father in the celebration. .

At one point during the celebration, as she showed in her Instagram stories, she, her father and her boyfriend They took a photo with the Venezuelan flag amidst applause.

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