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“Alien: Romulus” promises to emulate the original adventure

The ninth film in the franchise will be released in theaters on August 15

“Alien” once again sows terror in space with a new chapter of its vast cinematography, the ninth. But it will be on August 15 that fans of the popular science fiction franchise will face this new “Alien: Romulus.”

Using the terror and suspense that characterizes Ridley Scott's original productions, the event takes place 20 years before the first survival mission. The one that Ridley Scott directed in 1979. It will show the moment in which a group of young settlers settle in their longed-for new home without knowing the danger that awaits them.

The Uruguayan director and screenwriter Fede Álvarez, with important credentials in the field, will try from the direction to wrap his project in the aura of its origin.

In fact, judging by the first images shared in the recently released trailer, fear, loneliness and anguish, in addition to traced shots and situations, will be served.

The new nightmare

“Alien: Romulus” will take place on an abandoned space station. With the intention of attracting younger audiences, the cast selection moves away from the average ages of previous films. This time the victims are much smaller. Despite this, what is shown in the 2-minute clip seems to emulate the first two tapes. In fact, the xenomorphs look identical to the iconic character. Its violent and bloody content has given it the highest censorship rating.

One by one, these young space colonizers must face the most terrifying life form in the universe, considered the most lethal creature in the galaxy. Cailee Spaeny (“Priscilla”), David Jonsson (“Agatha Christie's Murder is Easy”), Archie Renaux (“Shadow and Bone”) and Isabela Merced (“The Last of Us”) star in the film. 

Álvarez, who has declared himself a fan of the saga and the director who promoted the first film (Ridley Scott), has just worked on “Evil Dead” and “Don't breathe”, which offers a sigh of tranquility. With the intention of leaving as few loose ends as possible, Álvarez also developed the script with Rodo Sayagues (“Don't breathe 2”). For the adventure they were inspired by the characters created by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett.

Ridley Scott (“Napoleon”), who directed the first episode in the 70s, takes the reins as producer, emulating the work done on “Prometheus” and “Alien: Covenant”, both films belonging to the franchise.

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