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Alicia Machado and El Puma faced off on 'Top Chef VIP 3'

Alicia Machado and José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma, starred in moments of tension in the most recent day of the culinary reality show 'Top Chef VIP 3', which is broadcast in Latin America on the Telemundo Internacional signal. The episode earned the former Miss Universe a wave of criticism on social media.

The aforementioned clash between the Venezuelans occurred during one of the first tests on Tuesday night, in which Machado and Rodríguez had to work as a pair.

After a question that Machado asked that led Puma to comment: “Kindergarten has already started,” the actress from the reality show “Secretos de las indomables” said: “Let's see, Puma, you and I are going to start competing, so I have all the right to ask whatever I want and I need you to listen to me in this challenge,” said the Maracayera, who also highlighted her greater experience and skill in the kitchen.

"Not that way"

“Alicia, don't start inventing strange things,” El Puma asked. To this, Machado responded in an exalted manner: “You don't start inventing strange things either and I want you to listen to me because I don't want to lose.”

Immediately afterwards, the Puma asked his test partner if she was scolding him. She denied having reprimanded the singer, and added, in the same altered tone, that she was just “telling him and warning him.”

The interpreter of 'Hold on to your hands', who seemed surprised by the situation, then stated: “No, no, no. Not like that, Alice. Relax,” he asked her.

Support for Puma

The uncomfortable situation immediately generated reactions among the other participants of the program, who chose to express their support for El Puma and point out the former beauty queen for her “lack of respect” and for not knowing how to work as a team.

“It's not worth it, he's a gentleman. Since we were little, they taught us to respect our elders and I think that today you really lost your mind,” the Mexican regional singer Pancho Uresti noted about the situation. 

“Criticizing people for their age, the only thing you do is exhibit spiritual poverty, human poverty, lack of conscience, because we don't have a life bought either,” Mexican actress Paty Navidad also commented because During the test Machado referred negatively to the Puma's age.

In social networks

Social media users were not far behind when it came to commenting on the incident. Among the people who demonstrated was Liliana Rodríguez Morillo, the vocalist's eldest daughter. “This is deplorable and unacceptable! Gray hair is respected! And I hope that Telemundo takes action on the matter because the message is disastrous: mock, mock and disrespect the elderly and you will be rewarded,” said the actress and singer, who on other occasions has spoken about the bad relationship she maintains. with his father.

“Totally lack of respect towards the Puma. And as good as hers, he has been to her”; “They should disqualify her for lack of respect”; “Rude, he should leave”; “How long are you going to have that lady on the program? She has already crossed several limits”; “Rude, she has had problems with all the participants, they expelled her for passing. “She demands respect and doesn't give it”; “Congratulations to Puma for her tolerance, Alicia looked so bad, to say that she knows more about cooking… By God in challenges she loses her patience so quickly… she is no good at working as a team. Nobody can stand her anymore, not even the viewers, she believes she is Lcdlf ”; and “Not that she was a little girl to criticize another for her age,” Instagram users highlighted.

It should be noted that at the end of all this drama, the Machado-Rodríguez couple failed to advance to the next phase, so both will have to participate in an elimination today. In evaluating the dishes, however, the jury chefs highlighted that Puma's was much better than Machado's.

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