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Alicia Banquez is happy for her return to the studio

The performer shared her version of the song " Así fue", popularized in the voice of Isabel Pantoja

Alicia Banquez returned to her favorite place: the recording studio. The Venezuelan singer, who stands out inside and outside the country, shared with her followers her version of the song “ Así fue” in full rehearsal in the room where she was making the sound recording of what will be the next venture of she.

The composer, who has managed to position herself as one of the recognized female voices in the Venezuelan music industry since 2005, expressed in a post on Instagram her excitement about working on what is next in her musical project. “This is where I want to be… to be free to feel and flow all that is so sublime and exquisite that music gives,” she can read.

And he added: “Here I am, being me… I love challenging myself to do different things and creating comfort so that everyone around me feels the need to explore that extra mile that we all have to contribute.”

Alicia pointed out that she was in a perfect time and place to record, rehearse, produce, dream and create at the same time. “What are my essays like? Well like that! Harmonious and fluid. Aware that we all complement each other,” she said.

"That's how it went"

In the shared post, Alicia Banquez shared a preview of her version of the song “ Así fue ,” written by Juan Gabriel and popularized by the Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja in 1988. The song is part of the disco album “ Desde Andalucía .”

“With this song I just tried to be as much of myself as possible because at the end of the day it is a version, my version,” he highlighted.

Likewise, the interpreter of "Live" He assured that he is experiencing the fullness of feeling that he can do whatever he wants at this stage of his artistic career. “To find my own place by being as much of myself as possible and understanding that I don't have a magic wand to make everything happen in a snap. “I continue building and to build you need a lot of materials.”

“I'm understanding myself a lot more on stage. My body, what I want to express and what I want each person who listens to me to take away. I'm good! And that is my drive for the next step,” he also expressed.

Sold Out

Days ago, Alicia Banquez shared and celebrated her first Sold Out in Madrid with her production “Influencias”.

“I hadn't had time to show you a little bit of what 'Influencias' was here in Madrid at the @recoletosjazz_madrid; They thought we wouldn't make it, but we did. We had a full room and there was no database to help us. We did it! Again, heaven supported honest, loving and passionate work and against that there are no setbacks or obstacles,” she wrote.

Next, the singer thanked everyone who has believed in her project and has accompanied her on this path. “Thanks to my Flaco @miguelsierralta for insisting on this difficult path. For continuing to believe in my work and letting myself flow like a butterfly in a garden.”

The occasion was propitious for him to also thank his stage partners: “@ildediazmusic and @danidiazmad for being top musicians but what I value most is how beautiful people you are and how easy it is to work with you.”

The message included her guests, her daughter Camila, and the women who preceded her. “An offering to Daddy God and all my guides, for being there and supporting my overflowing passion,” she thanked.

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