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Aleska Génesis was left out of “The House of the Famous”

Aleska Génesis Castellanos failed to convince the public to remain in the “La casa de los celebrities” competition, Telemundo highlighted. The Venezuelan model said goodbye to the reality show in sixth place, after the viewers' vote was announced.

The woman from Barquisimeto was one day away from the grand final that only five celebrities will compete; four Mexicans and one Puerto Rican. “Yellow, blue and red Venezuela. Thank you to everyone who has bet on me… for your love and dedication, it has not been an easy path,” Aleska shared in a post on Instagram along with a video where she reviews some moments of her participation in the competition. .

“I have endured very strong situations, as well as very happy moments, but I know that the effort will be worth it. I love you,” she added.

“I came very far”

Aleska Génesis was characterized by having a controversial participation in which she was involved in certain controversies. She was accused of having problems only with women, such as with actress Geraldine Bazán. According to her, this happened because the other inhabitants of her house were envious of her.

“Everyone has their fans out there. Geraldine is a person who has been on television for many years. "I'm just starting out and I feel like I've come very far," said the model in an interview with the Telemundo program "Pica y Extende."

Likewise, Aleska also pointed out that she never imagined she would go this far in the competition.

Regarding the distancing with the Mexican Alana Lliteras, with whom she was very close at the beginning of the show, Castellanos said that he let her follow her intuition and let herself be carried away by her emotions and feelings.

“I didn't want to compete because I saw that Maripily entered, that Geraldine entered competing for friendship. So, I let them flow and, in the end, I know what is there. “I know what Alana has in her heart,” she expressed.

for a butter

Aleska Génesis took the opportunity to talk about her last fight with Maripily Rivera, with whom she clashed after the model took a product (butter) that did not belong to her.

“Maripily is a very offensive woman. She does everything and I feel like she has the 200 thousand dollars in her head. I understand that there are many people who like that, I do not agree because there is a lot of disrespect, lack of principles, lies,” she noted.

In the last weeks of the Telemundo show, Nicky Jam's ex stood out precisely for her discussions with Maripily, as well as for her friendship with regional singer Lupillo Rivera.

five finalists

After the model's departure, the popular program was left with five finalists: Rodrigo Romeh, Maripily Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Alana Lliteras and Geraldine Bazán.

There were 16 weeks of competition, and after four months of coexistence the winner will return home with the prize of 200 thousand dollars. 

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