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Actress Gala Montes revealed why she fired her mother as manager

Gala Montes, the villain of the soap opera “Live on love”, clarified the reasons that led her to fire her mother Crista Montes de Oca as manager. Likewise, the Mexican actress responded to the accusations of her mother, who publicly accused her of having abandoned her.

“I cry because of the grade that my mother uploaded. I don't know what to say, so the media talks to me for an interview, but I don't want to make that part of my life public... I didn't want to make all this public, but I'm going to have to do it," said Montes through a live broadcast. On Instagram.

In her story, the actress pointed out a magazine for publishing something that she did not agree with: “I don't give weight to that false note, but it's not right.”

“My mom has everything to do with it”

In the video, Montes pointed out that she is devastated because beyond the publication of the magazine, “my mother has everything to do with it, that's why I'm like this. I really want to talk and tell you everything, but I don't want this to get any bigger,” she said.

"It hurts me. I decided to become independent, but I never left my mother alone, ever. "I'm tired of people seeing my face," said Gala Montes, moved between tears.

The actress also blames her mother for her emotional problems.” than her mother. “She is guilty of the fact that I am depressed, that I have anxiety, of many, many things and it bothers me that she gives an article to a magazine where she is playing the victim when here the victim is me,” she said.

"Not even know where to start. She was hurt that she is no longer my manager, but it is a decision that I had every right to make, but I never left her alone. My mom is crazy. “I’m not saying I’m sane,” she expressed.


The artist claims that she fired her mother because she wanted to keep all her money. “I'm tired of him manipulating me and threatening me and extorting me, because he's been extorting me for eight months, until there came a time when I said it was over. “I am not going to continue maintaining the house, nor you, I am not going to continue paying for your operations,” he stated.

“Because I have depression, because I want to kill myself because I lead the life of a 50-year-old man and I am 23, and I want to live my life (…), but my mother did not accept it. And as if she wanted things to continue as before,” said Gala Montes, who took the opportunity to mention that her mother had been pressuring her since she was six years old for her to get work in television productions.

18 years working

The actress assured that she has been working non-stop for 18 years. “And my mother in a note says that I am the worst person and that I am an ungrateful daughter. It isn't true. I do therapy, I work on myself, I apologize, I am humble,” she said between tears.

The actress recalled that when she wanted to become independent she offered her mother money but “she wants half of all my money.” It is other people who manage and support her career.

The singer also warned that she will take legal measures against her mother because “that does not make a daughter a mother.”

“I don't want to take your money.”

After Gala Montes' confession, her mother also did a live to clarify what the actress revealed.

“I don't want to take half of her money,” said Crista Montes through a video on the camera's account, who accused that her two daughters hit her and took her out of the apartment where they lived.

Likewise, he stated that he only wants what is due for the 18 years he worked with her, because he says that Gala Montes only wants to pay him “roof and food.”

However, he said that Gala Montes is exaggerating and warned that he has videos about the “real” behavior of the actress.

Crista Montes also denied that Gala Montes was paying for her cancer treatments, as she claimed on more than one occasion, but rather that it was a State agency that helped her, the SDP media outlet noted.

His career

Gala Montes has captivated with her talent and charisma for 14 years. Her first job was in the television comedy ''The Nanny'', an adaptation of the American series ''The Nanny''. There she played Elenita during the first season.

Also, he has managed to participate in some short films, plays, movies and commercials. In 2007 she returned to children's programming with the film ''De día y de noche'', alongside Sandra Echeverría and Manuel Balbi.

In 2021, the well-known actress returned to Televisa after her successful role in “Designing Your Love.” Her most recent production was in the soap opera “Vivir de amor”, where she played Rebeca Ramírez alongside Kimberly Dos Ramos and Enmanuel Palomares.

As for music, the artist has become popular with songs such as “A Customized Love,” a song from the soap opera “Designing Your Love”; “Cónico”, duet with Kalimba; "If you dare"; “When you love me”, among other songs.

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