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Actor Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo could not undergo a lung transplant

Mexican actor Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo said that his lung transplant was delayed due to a problem with his blood, reported the Mexican portal El Universal. The medical decision was made after studies were carried out that showed that the procedure would have put his life at risk, according to the theater producer and director. 

Ortiz clarified that the blood problem is derived from the chemotherapies he received years ago for lung cancer.

“I was about to receive it, but they discovered a problem I had in my liver (sic), that is, in my blood, and they had to stop everything. They said 'stop the machines, if we do the transplant, we could cause tremendous anemia and he could die,'” the 76-year-old comedian said to the “Venga la Alegría” program, reported the aforementioned site.

The creator and the program "A family of ten" He was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In 2010, he also suffered from lung cancer. Since then, the interpreter needs the support of an oxygen tank to be able to breathe.

cell mutation

Currently, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo's condition shows improvement thanks to medical intervention, although his condition remains delicate.

“What the doctors have done to me now is to cure me. It is a cell mutation that caused me, years ago, when I had chemotherapy; So now they have taken away my anemia, I am fine again,” he added.

However, despite the complications, the artist expressed his intention to undergo new studies to reconsider the transplant that he so needs for his quality of life.

“There I go again with the doctors: 'Do all the tests again, and if I'm fine, go ahead,'” he said while highlighting the importance of a thorough evaluation before any surgical procedure.

Lung disease

In 2022, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo spoke about the health problems that plagued him. “I got cancer 8 years ago, they detected a tumor in my left lung, in the upper lobe, they removed the entire lobe. That scare I went through caused me to have diabetes, I am also diabetic, and, having smoked for 47 years of my life, I have COPD (Chronic Obsturctive Pulmonary Disease),” he detailed in an interview with Mexican journalist Matilde Obregón.

And he added: "Two years ago they detected another tumor on the right side and they removed my middle lobe, so I only have three lobes, instead of five, which other human beings have."

At that time, the actor assured that he was condemned to die of asphyxiation, “because I will not be able to breathe. That is a condemnation, it is natural,” he said.

A life on television

The influence of Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo on Mexican television is undeniable. With more than 50 years of artistic career, he has earned recognition in the entertainment industry with his memorable characters on television such as Plácido López Turrubiates in “A Family of Ten,” the gynecologist in the comedy “Dr. Cándido Pérez” and even the student “Jorgito del Mazo Gáis”.

Likewise, he managed to stand out in productions such as “Médicos, Línea de Vida”, where he played Doctor Lara; “Las buchonas” (2019), “Sleeping with my boss” (2013), in “Dos Hogares” (2011-2012), where he played Don Cristóbal Lagos / Chris Lakes; “Until money separates us” (2009-2010) and “Destilando amor” (2007), where he appeared with a special performance.

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