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Rosanna Zanetti told the details of the domestic accident that her son suffered

David Bisbal's wife said that her son faced the situation "like a champion"

Venezuelan Rosanna Zanetti shared with her followers the details of an accident suffered by her son Matteo, which led him to receive emergency medical attention.

Via stories from Instagram, the actress uploaded a video where she appears talking with her firstborn. The boy told her how she feels after the domestic incident.

“How is your head?” Rosana Zanetti asked her son, to which he responded that it was fine, but quickly admitted that it was bad “because it hurts.”

“I fell down the stairs,” said David Bisbal's son, also, so he had to receive care from health personnel in Spain, where the family lives.

In detail

They put four staples on little Matteo “because he had blood and a wound,” said the Venezuelan actress via Instagram stories, in an unusual publication since she keeps her personal life a secret.

“Here talking to Mateo about the accident he had a few days ago, we ended up in the emergency room and he had staples in his head without anesthesia. He speaks it naturally as it appears that the one who was left with the trauma was me,” admitted the now businesswoman.

The model also congratulated her son, the first of her two children with the singer of “Dígale”, “As of today” and “Esclavo de sus kisses”, since she recognized that he behaved “like a champion”.


According to Últimas Noticias, it is not the first time that the Venezuelan ends up in the emergency room with one of her children. Last December, Rosanna Zanetti allowed herself to share with her community on her social networks that her little ones, then four and three years old, were not feeling well.

“This year it was difficult to have a family Christmas photo. "They have been with the little ones for three days, yesterday several hours at the doctor," Rosanna mentioned as a description of a photo where she appears with one of her children.

Setún explained, they spent Christmas sick and, therefore, spent some time in a medical center. “Without a doubt, health and family are true wealth,” he reflected on that occasion.

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