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A new Star Wars adventure arrives today on Disney+

At 8:00 pm the first chapter of "The Acolyte" will debut on the platform

The Star Wars universe premieres a new adventure on Disney+, this Tuesday, June 4, with “The Acolyte,” a series that focuses on a story of crime and persecution. It is the franchise's latest effort to address a spinoff of the stretched Star Wars plot. In it, South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae (“The squid game“) with a character who hopes to emulate the success achieved by Pedro Pascal in “The Mandalorian”.

Jung-jae told EFE that when he was invited to Star Wars “I couldn't refuse.” Much less when understanding the reach that he could achieve from such a powerful and long-standing brand. He did not even question, at 51 years old, the challenge that was coming his way.

In a prequel tone, “The Acolyte” takes place in the fictional era of the High Republic (the golden age for the Jedi order). It will take place many years before the story told in the original Star Wars trilogy (fourth, fifth and sixth) which was then completed with three previous episodes (first, second and third). That is, neither Anakin Skywalker (later Darth Vader) nor Padmé Amidala will have been born by then.

Good vs. evil

The plot addresses the clash between a Jedi master named Sol (Jung-jae) and his former padawan, Jedi apprentice (led by Amandla Stenberg). She will be the main suspect in a handful of mysterious murders.

From the outset, the story shows a resource exploited to the point of satiety by the franchise: that of the rebellious pupil who leaves the light and goes into darkness. Duality between good and evil so marked throughout the Star Wars universe.

“Master Sol is very humanistic… He is the most emotional and truly feels fear,” advances the South Korean actor. In the series he will be seen accompanied by a new generation of Jedi, played by Charlie Barnett, in the role of Yord Fandar, or Dafne Keen as Jecki Lon.

Eight chapters

During the episodes that will premiere every Tuesday at 8:00 pm, Sol will try to stop the avenging criminal. And of course, she will seek to reveal the reasons that led her to the “dark side.”

“The Acolyte” will have a total of eight chapters, one per week. The series was created by Leslye Headland ('Russian Doll') based on George Lucas' Star Wars universe.

According to its creators, people unfamiliar with the franchise will be able to enter the adventure without problem. And like the rest of the series that precede it, it maintains its independence from the rest of the stories.

To entertain fans, there will be no shortage of lightsaber fights, strange creatures from various planets in the universe and ships.

According to Manny Jacinto, who plays Qimir in the story, the filming work emulated the original trilogy, starring Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. Basically, because "instead of working with green screens and CGI technology we were able to interact with the characters and the set physically", something that - judging by what we saw - gives it a cinematic tone.

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