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A decade missing Renato Capriles

The director of Los Melódicos was a good conversationalist and a tremendous relationalist.

Nothing was the same after January 18, 1997. That day, at approximately 9:30 pm, the impact of an object against the windshield caused him to lose control of the vehicle, on Aragua land, while he was traveling to fulfill a professional commitment.

The criminals who caused the accident looted everything of value and left the bodies abandoned on the road. The singer from Trujillo, Floriana, who was barely 23 years old, died at the event. He, Renato Capriles, was transferred to the Maracay Hospital, in critical condition.

The prognosis of the director of Los Melodicos was reserved. The fragility of his health prevented him from being mobilized to Caracas, without putting his life at risk. He spent more than two weeks in the intensive care unit, keeping in suspense the five daughters he had during his two marriages: Gody, Negui, Irina, Iona and Iliana, who, in the long run and to this day, assumed the reins of the popular orchestra.

After stabilization, he continued his recovery in the Venezuelan capital, where he arrived in a wheelchair. Little by little, physical therapy allowed him to stand and walk with the help of a walker; later the cane appeared. However, the damage would be permanent.

The friendly

Added to the limited mobility were the consequences reflected in his personality and behavior. Renato Capriles was a great conversationalist. He liked to be informed about what was happening in the country and abroad, to form his own opinion that allowed him to participate in enthusiastic debates.

He was also a great relationalist. Frequently, he organized meetings in restaurants or at his apartment in Colinas de Bello Monte, to catch up with his affections. When he got up, he would check his agenda to congratulate the birthday children, with a personalized letter or a gift. Or he would invite the orchestra to play, to introduce the new talents or, simply, to share in the company of a few drinks.

He took advantage of another of his passions to say present. On each trip, he bought a batch of postcards that he wrote by hand and sent to his friends. The detail could come from the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, from Madrid, from New York or from a Greek island, his favorite destination.

All this changed with the fateful accident. He survived with hearing and cognitive deficiencies that accompanied him until his death, which occurred on the morning of July 8, 2014, at the Metropolitan Polyclinic. Finally, pneumonia took him away at the age of 82. In the chapel of the Eastern Cemetery he was bid farewell by family and friends.


Renato Capriles was self-taught. He received no academic training, but he had a great musical ear. He always admired Luis María Frómeta, maestro Billo. In fact, the birth of Los Melódicos occurred during the veto that the union applied to the Dominican, after being convicted of bigamy.

As a way to help him, Renato asked him, almost secretly, to arrange some songs for the new group that debuted on July 13, 1958. However, to make the anniversary coincide with the fortnight, he added two days to the anniversary. . From that moment on, he turned “the orchestra that imposes rhythm in Venezuela” into his darling.

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