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Second season of “X-Men '97” could see the light at the end of 2025

This May 22, Disney+ will launch a special with details behind the production

“X-Men '97” took Disney+ by storm and there are already rumors of a possible release date for the second season. And after the success achieved by the animated series, inspired by the nineties version of the TV show, interest in its return grows amidst the questions.

For now, this May 22 the platform will launch the special “The Making of X-Men '97”. The journey goes behind the design of the series, the creative process and the rescue of the original characters. Unfortunately, it will be a washcloth since its return to the streaming platform will not be immediate.

“It feels like there's a lot of pressure on all of us in the studio as we film Season 2, while also determining what our plans will be for the future. It's exciting and we've learned a lot of great lessons for the franchise,” Marvel streaming chief Brad Winderbaum told Entertainment Weekly.

Specialized portals try to answer the big doubt, agreeing that we will have to wait until the last quarter of 2025. Something that could contradict what was expressed by Winderbaum, who suggests that they are racing to carry out the jewel of the season. After an amazing final chapter, the first batch of 10 episodes ended just last week.

What has been revealed is that the second and third seasons will share a shorter premiere distance. In fact, developers, creatives, artists and writers work hard to continue the story. Mainly, after attending a success that, even themselves, took them by surprise.

The experts speak

Speaking to ComicBook, Winderbaum told fans to be patient. “The second season is still in the animation phase. Animation takes a long time to make, as you probably already know.”

Winderbaum also recalled that “the studio wanted to see the success of the first season before giving the green light to the second,” which is why “there is a lag.” Despite this, he assured that with “X-Men '97” they were lucky enough to be given the green light before airing it on March 20.

In this sense, and as you may remember, Beau DeMayo, creator of the new series, was fired with one week left before its debut. Fortunately, he advanced the script for the second season by writing “a lot” of what was to come.

Despite this, and as he warned ComicBook after his departure, he will not be involved in anything that is to come. “Nor will I lead production, cast records, design, editorial, publishing, music, etc. Nor will I be doing any production rewrites as far as the creative vision of the show is concerned.”

Intending to give him credit for his work, Winderbaum told Variety that DeMayo “did excellent writing seasons 1 and 2… The entire team came together to create a worthy revival of the X-Men.” He also commented that his vision is there in the air guiding the way. What has not been specified is how long this new universe will extend since DeMayo had planned it for five seasons.

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