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“Elite” is over! The eighth season will be the last

Before its closure, we review interesting details of the Spanish youth saga

“Elite”, one of the most popular and already redundant youth series on the Netflix content grid, definitively concludes with its eighth season. The premiere of this last batch of episodes was set for July 26. This is how in a few weeks the Las Encinas school will say goodbye to its last student court.

Throughout its releases, the Spanish production has portrayed adolescence seen from the perspective of privilege, luxury, eroticism, overflowing passion and a violence that at times seems far-fetched.

However, the first seasons were fresh, exciting and therefore, they were enjoyed in a single sitting. While waiting for the outcome, we review important elements of this saga that generated love and hate.

The favorites

After its premiere in 2018, the program presented characters that were completely different from each other. Mostly stereotypes: the evil and popular girl, the diligent one, the good girl, the most desired, the attractive athlete, the alternative, the modest one, the bad boy, the clown, the daring, all seasoned with cultural characteristics and touches that made them unique.

Likewise, there are some that were liked more than others. Mainly those of the original cast. Lucrecia (Danna Paola): she does not mince words, she is sophisticated, eloquent, daring, outstanding and, although her evil actions are often terribly unjustifiable, on other occasions she is a heroine without a cape. She is simply iconic.

Another unmatched one is Carla (Ester Expósito), with her ice queen air, she freezes anyone who gets in her way. Sharp and tough, but also sweet, romantic and gentle. Although she does questionable things, in the plot she goes from being uptight to revealing the most vulnerable side of her.

The two veterans cease to be part of the storyline starting in season four of the series.

Rebeka (Claudia Salas) is another of the girls who steals the show. She is a confident and unfiltered young woman, she accepts herself and knows what she wants; That's why she is not willing to put up with anything from anyone. She is also a loyal friend. She debuted in “Elite” in the second season.

Cayetana (Georgina Amorós) also liked it. She is young and arrives at Las Encinas school in the second season of the series and she is one of those characters with whom one can easily connect. She lies and pretends, but she is always willing to work three times as hard to achieve her goals; even if she has to go through a lot of hard work to earn extra money. Despite this, her passion is not mops or leaving the floor sparkling, but fashion.

Despite crashing several times, he ends up landing fabulously. Although she easily gets hooked on jerks, she defeats that tendency by making the right decision. Beyond her flaws, she decides to grow after bitter experiences.

The boys were not far behind. Omar (Omar Ayuso), for example, became loved for his sensitive and genuine personality, also for his baby air and his tremendous eyebrows that capture all the attention. Together, the conservative values ​​in his family are contrasted with his LGBTQ status.

Ander (Aaron Gaitero) was the real heartbreaker: unpredictable, unattainable, and divine. In his sensuality and his alternative, relaxed style lay his charm. His spicy side was shown numerous times alongside Omar and other love interests during the series. After the third season he left “Elite”.

Although his stay in the plot was very short, he turned out brilliant. Christian (Miguel Herrán) was beautiful both physically and personally, being the typical neighborhood bad guy, he had ambitions in terms of romance and money. Him leaving the plot was a very lazy narrative excuse.

Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) showed the quality that in this life we ​​are neither bad nor good. Despite being annoying and abusive at first, throughout the series he learned about humility and simplicity. He will be seen putting aside his rich boy whims.

Regarding the new blood of “Elite” there was not much fabric to cut, they were mostly forced versions of the original characters. However, the Brazilian hottie Iván (André Lamoglia) was an expert at unleashing passions. Furthermore, his character showed different nuances and his indecision regarding the types of romance in which he could get involved, made his storyline something unexpected and interesting.

Those who stopped in the afterlife

In the plot, during each season, a character died and consequently, the event ruined the existence of others. Mainly because at the crime scene several people joined forces to ensure that it went unpunished or to save themselves from the dungeon.

In the first Navy (María Pedraza) he passed away. She was one of the main but also dull characters in the story. She was hit in the head with a blunt object and to top it all off she was pregnant.

In the second it is no one's turn, but in the third it is Polo's (Álvaro Rico) turn, in part because he is the material author of the death of someone who could not be a teenage mother. Lucrecia hits him with a bottle “unintentionally” and leaves him fried.

Likewise, in the fourth the dead man is a most macabre and disturbing guy named Armando. Guzmán is the murderer this time and sends him to the other dimension after a fight. He and his friends throw the body into a lake, but the body appears in the country house to put more than one person in a cold sweat.

In the fifth, Samuel dies, who despite having a leading role since the first seasons, is also a weak character. It seemed like they never finished developing it. His death occurs by accident, as he hits his head severely after an altercation with Benjamín Blanco (Diego Martín), director of Las Encinas. The latter appears in the fourth installment.

Cruz, Iván's father, a renowned Brazilian soccer player, is the dead man in the sixth. He is murdered after coming out publicly.

In the seventh, Raúl (Álex Pastrana), a villain who was added to the plot in the sixth season, dies. He is cruel to the core and Carmen (Maribel Verdú) kills him in self-defense. She pushes him off a rooftop.

That crime will undoubtedly be the starting point of the eighth and final episode, although they have been very careful about what the plot will be about. All you have to do is wait a very short time for the red letters to appear again from edge to edge of the screen. Warning that the closing of this adventure was a death foretold.

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