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“Observed” finds in fantasy the impulse to change

The film, now in theaters, stars the exceptional Dakota Fanning

“Observados” arrives in movie theaters with several attributes in its favor. On the one hand, the film is capable of immersing the viewer in a fantasy told with such logic that it is devoured without a filter. And, on the other hand, it has the acting strength of Dakota Fanning, capable of undertaking an emotional journey that invites us to reflect on shock, grief and loss.

From there, and told at a suspenseful pace, the emotional trance captures the attention of a story that tells itself.

It is the debut feature of Ishana Shyamalan, daughter of “The Sixth Sense” director M. Night Shyamalan, who is closely following in her footsteps as a producer. The feminine tone is felt from minute one and is reinforced in the cast led by several women, with the men as decoration.

For inspiration, Shyamalan draws on the novel of the same name by AM Shine that draws on Irish folklore.

a bit of the plot

Mina (Fanning) has been trapped for years in an event that marked her childhood and has stifled her growth: she believes she is guilty of her mother's death. The situation is discovered while “Watched” progresses since the young woman enters a forest in the west of Ireland. Isolated and lost, she will discover that the enigmatic place is itself a kind of parallel dimension to overcome her deep-seated trauma.

Accompanied by a bird, the girl will try to escape after finding a shelter where she must live with three strangers to stay alive. Locked there, at night she will be watched by mysterious creatures.

Connecting the dots, Mina will advance in her intention to leave the problem behind while discovering aspects of her personality and her past. A kind of forced “let go and trust” that will allow him to overcome the great crisis that her existence is experiencing.

Another interesting aspect is that the director was inspired by theater, something that becomes evident in moments in which these mystical beings applaud the protagonists.

The tone of a fable, the film allows the protagonist to discover who the beings are that stalk them while also opening up to herself. The character's transition means that, in the middle of this hair-raising tale, one discovers the beauty and peace that awaits. She on the verge of ending up reconciling with herself.

“Observados” has a duration of just over an hour and a half.

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