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Luis Fernández: Acting is a job that I admire in others and that I love

Luis Fernández is one of the Venezuelan actors with the greatest international recognition. Since he started in the world of entertainment, more than 30 years ago, he has played great and remembered characters on television, theater and film.

The 51-year-old artist adds to his long career participations in productions such as “Divina obsession” (1992), “Llovizna” (1997), “Secret Woman” (1999), “A calzón quit'o” (2001), among others.

"It's not you, it's Me!"

Added to the list of projects he has in his career is the standup “It's not you, it's me!”, in which he entertains and questions the public about love in therapy.

The actor returned to present this bet on stage about how people fall in love, have intimate relationships, get married, are unfaithful, divorce and start over in this intense, unstoppable and eternal search for love.

“The work continues to raise, through humor, an important conversation about the role of women in society and about what women truly want, in contrast to what they are required to be. From a very early age, women are required to be a good daughter, a good professional, a good wife, a good mother. Impossible beauty standards are also imposed on them, and I think it is time to change that. This change is a long process, which is why I believe that the work continues to be valid, reiterating over and over again the difficult-to-answer questions that make us think,” Luis Fernández told Últimas Noticias.

“For any scene worker, having a show that lasts beyond a decade and almost 3 performances is a priceless gift,” he added.

“It became a vocation”

The architect began his artistic career acting on stage. He performed plays such as “The Constant Prince”, “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “The Smoking Fish”, “An Almost Perfect Couple” and more.

For the writer of the trilogy of books “Sexense”, acting became a survival mechanism from his adolescence to becoming his profession.

“Then it became my vocation, and now since maturity I see it as a job that I admire in others and that I love, but that is also part of something greater that is creation, whether stage or audiovisual and that I am very interested in continuing.” exploring,” he said.

As for his characters who have accompanied him, Luis Fernández feels grateful for those challenges that have added experience.

“To mention just one would not be fair. At each stage of my life I have had the fortune of playing very complex characters that have been great challenges, from my first starring role on television in Maestro Cabrujas' latest soap opera on television, to the very complex Master of Ceremonies of the musical 'Cabaret' in the theater, until we reach 'Tamara', the trans character inspired by the life of my admired Tamara Adrián in the cinema. “I have been fortunate that these characters came to me,” she noted.

Your most difficult challenge

Luis Fernández is also one of those actors loved by Venezuelans, who over the years have shown support for his career.

“The truth is that I greatly appreciate the public that comes to the theater, I greatly value the affection and respect of the people. That is something that can never be taken for granted. I also value and cultivate my haters, because if one does not have haters it is because he is not doing the right thing,” she pointed out.

The producer and director also took the opportunity to acknowledge that her role as Tamara in the film of the same name was one of the most difficult challenges due to her preparation and everything that came with playing a transsexual woman.

“As I mentioned before, it was one of the most difficult of my career. Very complex in its preparation, under a very precise and demanding direction by Elia Schneider and also very specific advice from Tamara Adrián herself, in addition to sharing with a great cast, I was fortunate to meet several trans actresses who welcomed me with great "Generosity allowed me to tell their stories through my work and opened my mind far beyond the limiting binary understanding of gender," she recalled.

And he added: “It is a group that is still very vulnerable and deprived of rights, frequently demonized by dogmatism and ignorance of religions that promote discrimination more than love, and for whose rights I will always fight.”

At another point, Mimí Lazo's partner assured that he is entering a new stage. “I never stop learning something new or training in some area of ​​creation that I find interesting, I am currently training as a film editor, as well as a director, writer and actor, so I still feel like when I was 16 and stopped for the first time on stage.”

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