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Los Cafres: We are a multiple marriage

Gonzalo Albornoz, bassist of the band, talks about the three shows they will offer

On December 5, 2014, Los Cafres left their mark well marked in Plaza Diego Ibarra, when they performed at Suena Caracas. Now, almost 10 years later, they will do the same but in three locations: Lechería (June 13), Valencia (June 14) and will close next Saturday the 15th at the Concha Acústica de Bello Monte, in Caracas.

Guillermo Bonetto (vocals), Claudio Illobre (keyboards), Gonzalo Albornoz (bass), Manuel Fernández Castaño (sax), Willy Rangone (trumpet), Víctor Raffo (rhythm guitar), Demian Marcelino (first guitar) and Iván Mustapich (drums) come of a successful tour through the United States and Canada to touch Venezuelan soil, then return to his homeland, Argentina, and continue through El Salvador and Peru.

Gonzalo Albornoz tells the band's expectations regarding performances in our country.

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—What do you offer for each audience on this tour?

—We are doing a show that covers the history of Los Cafres because there are songs from the first album to the last. Of course, there are the classic songs that people want to hear. It's a pretty compelling show.

—What do you expect from the Venezuelan public after almost 10 years?

—For us it is a great joy to return to Venezuela because of the love the people have for us and how they have always treated us. This time we are going to have the possibility of going to a town that we had not been to before, Lechería, and they tell us that it is very beautiful.

We are going to meet again with Venezuela after so many years. We have a loyal audience that has always followed us, but after so many years we have expectations of seeing younger faces and having contact with this country so dear to us, which with the pandemic kept us away for so long.

—How has the evolution of Los Cafres been?

—We started out as teenagers and there was a musical evolution. We have a very nice, fun story, full of anecdotes. Currently we are a very solid, formed, consolidated group. We know each other well. We are like a multiple marriage and we really enjoy our work. We always aim to make better and better music, better songs; that the lyrics are heartfelt, sincere and that they reach people's hearts.

—Today 3 decades (2019-2020). It was going to be a trilogy, but the third volume is missing. How is that production going or will they only be left with two?

—It will remain unfinished: it will remain with the two editions that came out… So many things changed with the pandemic! It ends up being a reflection of the time. Furthermore, we are already on a different wavelength and we want to do new things, so we started recording a month ago and recorded six songs, which will go into the production and mixing stages. They will see light and come out little by little.

—In 2027 it will be 40 years of artistic life for Los Cafres. Have you already thought about how to celebrate them?

—Forty years is too much. Its alot! (laughs). We haven't thought about how to celebrate. More than celebration will be the emotion that we carry inside.

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No plans for a symphony

At one point Los Cafres thought about making a symphonic album, but now, after the coronavirus pandemic, it is not yet in their plans.

“Not fully symphonic, but we have ventured into including strings live and in the recording of the album; for example in the version of This garden (from the album ¿Quien da mas?). But it's not a bad idea. It could be planned to choose a handful of songs and make it symphonic,” says Gonzalo Albornoz.

If it comes to fruition, he points out that the symphonic tour could be after the album, with musicians from each country participating with them.

For now, they are rather thinking about the tour they have now and the days they will spend in Venezuela.

They won't have much time, they will only have rest on Sunday and they hope to go sightseeing in Caracas that day.

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