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The Trevi from Hell to Glory

The Mexican singer knew how to be reborn as the Phoenix bird after living her darkest moment

The release of her second album entitled “Tu ángel de la guarda” gave rise to Gloria Trevi's first international tour. The agenda included commitments in Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Venezuela, which she carried out in mid-1991.

In these parts, the Mexican singer spoke with journalists in the pool of the Caracas Hilton Hotel and recorded the program "Sensational Super Saturday", causing a stir when she grabbed one of the cameras to focus on her genital area. Provocation, from the beginning, has been one of her distinctive features.

On that occasion, with her hoarse voice and loud laughter, she recounted how she had started in the artistic world by winning a contest that was looking for the double of Chispita (Lucero) and declared that she aspired to be the first woman to reach the Presidency of your country or become an astronaut.

The path traveled up to then had endowed her with great popularity among little girls who imitated her carefree look (tousled hair and holey tights) and adults who applauded the courage of her lyrics.

In 1992, he came for the second time. She joined the boom of celebrities who launched calendars to strengthen ties with the public and move cash registers. His, however, could not be "one more". The very close-up of one of her nipples caused the controversy. In Mexico, she sold more than 120.000 copies, making her the queen of almanacs.

The following years would continue to consolidate her career as a singer and actress. In 1996, she was the highest paid star on Televisa, while she continued her sentimental relationship with producer Sergio Andrade, who would lead her to experience an ordeal.

Rise and fall

After earning a place in the Latin American star system, Gloria Trevi announced her retirement to accompany her partner in the treatment against cancer that had been diagnosed. A year later, in 1998, the publication of the book "La Gloria por el infierno" sparked a scandal.

The author, Aline Hernández, a former member of the Boquitas Pintadas group, in which she had shared with the future star, denounced the abuse of minors by the couple. A complaint filed with the Chihuahua Attorney General's Office by the mother of another young woman triggered the criminal action that led to an arrest warrant issued by Interpol.

The singer was imprisoned for four years, eight months and eight days. First in Brazil and then in Mexico. In 2004 she regained her freedom. And she managed to be reborn as the Phoenix bird. So much so that, at present, she is considered the highest grossing artist in her country and the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine has described her as "The Queen of Mexican Pop".


Gloria Trevi's life changed on January 13, 2000, when she was arrested in Rio de Janeiro. She initially refused extradition, citing security reasons. She then agreed to return to her country. In prison she wrote her version in the book "Gloria" (2002).

Already in the second stage of his career, he visited Venezuela with "De película tour". On May 29, 2015, she sang on the terrace of the CCCT, the same place where she would be, eight years later, with "Isla Divina World Tour".

Since 2009, she has been linked to businessman Armando Gómez. On December 31, 2022, two new complaints against him were filed in Los Angeles. Her songs “Pelo loose” and “Everyone look at me” are anthems of the GLBT+ community.

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